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Escaping Tanzania’s Cutting Season

April 6, 2015

In northern Tanzania there is a tradition of the ‘cutting season’ which lasts for six weeks. Girls are mutilated, female genital mutilation, beaten by their fathers, sold off into marriage.

The cutters use the same knife on multiple girls, if the first girl has AIDS/HIV, then the next in line gets AIDS/HIV.

The girls are left to bleed  to death.

In one district, at least fifteen girls are are known to have died.

The reason they are left to bleed to death is that it is illegal, and so they cannot call in a doctor or take the girls to hospital.

The girls who die, their bodies are thrown in the bush. They are not given a decent burial because they are seen as cursed.

Word is getting around of a safe house, a  network helps girls to get there.

At the safe house, as well being safe, they are given vocational training, sent to secondary school.

One boy, who helped his sisters escape to the safe house, was strung up from a tree with his hands and feet tied, then badly beaten by his father.

Stop forced marriage and female genital mutilation

May 23, 2012

Every year tens of thousands of girls aged 11-13 from Muslim families are sent back to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen and other countries to be raped.

Tens of thousands of young girls and women in the UK are subjected to female genital mutilation every year. Often held down by family members, often their own mothers and sisters who force them to be butchered.

Why does everyone turn a blind eye? Why has no one been prosecuted?

It is time to end forced marriage, rape by any other name, time to end female genital mutilation.

A petition against female genital mutilation has been launched on Avaaz, please sign.

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