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A winter afternoon in Farnham

November 30, 2013

A cold winter afternoon in Farnham, even colder as I made my way home early evening.

Farnham Christmas Fayre in Gostrey Meadow

Farnham Christmas Fayre in Gostrey Meadow

Farnham Christmas Fayre main stage

Farnham Christmas Fayre main stage

A Christmas Fayre in Gostrey Meadow by the River Wey. Tacky, but packed. I was surprised how large the main stage. Looking at the play list, it appeared to be mainly local schools.

er no, not traditional hot chestnuts on  a gas-fired barbecue

er no, not traditional hot chestnuts on a gas-fired barbecue

Last night, I was thinking of hot chestnuts, and how you do not seem to see them any more. Hot chestnuts. But not as they should be, roasted on hot coals. These were being roasted on barbecue, a gas-fired barbecue. I did say the fayre was tacky.

As I was early, I found the bread shop in Downing Street open. First time I have found it open. £2-75 for a loaf of bread, that did not even look appetising. Er, no thanks. Not even a good wholesome wholemeal loaf.

I prefer Celtic Baker, on the Guildford farmers market.

Last time I was in Farnham some weeks ago, I gave a friend The Alchemist. She could not thank me enough. She said she had really enjoyed reading it. She said even her boys were reading it. That in itself amazing, as all they do is play computer games. I gave her a copy of Eleven Minutes.

I told her the The The Alchemist was published 25 years ago, that there was a limited edition 25th anniversary edition and that last week, marked 278 continuous weeks in the New York Times best-seller list.

The Parish Church had a flag flying. Not something I have seen before. Then I realised, St Andrew’s Day, this being St Andrew’s Church. At least I assume that to be the reason why.

Candles lit for friends.

The church dark and gloomy. As a medieval church would be in winter.

Farnham very busy. Whether the Christmas Fayre, or coming up to Christmas, I do not know. More people in Lion and Lamb Courtyard, than on the streets of Aldershot, as I passed through. Not that that is saying a lot.

late lunch in The Barn

late lunch in The Barn

Late lunch in The Barn. As always, excellent food.

In The Barn I mentioned the free wifi scam in Farnborough, that is expected to bring the punters into Farnborough. They questioned why would anyone go to Farnborough when free wif everywhere? They questioned why would anyone wish to go to Farnborough? When I said it was costing the taxpayers money, that it was scam to obtain personal data, to spam users with e-mails and text messages, they were appalled.

The Barn is one of the few places I have ever seen the Transition Free Press. An experimental newspaper for a year. Inside an article on recycling money within the local economy, figures quoted from Brixton. Well worth a pound. Only I foolishly forget to pick up a copy.

An evaluation inspired by the Reconomy Project of the potential to ‘relocalise’ Lambeth’s economy … switching just 10% of the borough’s supermarket food spend to local retailers would release £37 million (and “money spent in independent local businesses can create 2-4 more times as much real value as money spent in chains”), and retrofitting housing stock with solid wall insulation could payback in 15 years and generate £100 million of local employment.

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