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Farnborough International Airshow 2014

July 20, 2014
Red Arrows

Red Arrows

Airbus A350

Airbus A350

Airbus A380

Airbus A380

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner







Red Arrows

Red Arrows

Farnborough International Airshow Monday 14 July to Sunday 20 July 2014 in words and pictures.

Shame those local businesses who saw the airshow as an opportunity to rip off locals and visitors alike.

Nightmare for residents who find roads blocked, one way systems reversed, the area gridlocked.

A fun day for the family, but in reality, the world’s biggest arms fair, and as we are seeing in Gaza, it is civilians, women and children, who bear the brunt of casualties.

Benefits for a few, disbenefits for the many. Disbenefits greatly outweigh the benefits.

Lunch at The Swan Inn

July 18, 2014
The Swan Inn

The Swan Inn

view of airfield deliberately obstructed

view of airfield deliberately obstructed

I had decided to have lunch at The Swan Inn. Had I not already decided, I would not have eaten there, as I was appalled at the marque and vans that were deliberately obstructing view of the runway from the main road. Something locals may wish to reflect upon.

A special Airshow menu. There was nothing special on the menu, other than the price, therefore reasonable to assume Farnborough Airshow being used as an excuse to rip off customers.

A chalk board advising 20% discount with voucher if you register to receive their newsletter.

Registration made, voucher printed and presented.

I have come across bad service, but nothing to compare with the reception of my voucher.

First girl looked at it with distaste, called over a second girl. She spent at least five minutes scrutinising it, trying to find grounds to refuse it. Finding none, she told me to go to a different part of the bar. This I did, but finding it busy, I came back, made it very clear their behaviour was unacceptable.

A third girl who looked like she was moonlighting from school, then intervened. Grudgingly, she accepted the voucher.

I also ordered a drink, to be told does not cover drink. The beer was served in plastic, not a glass.

Second girl told me voucher required two courses. Nothing on the voucher to say so, even though she tried very hard to find.

Third girl asked where I was sitting. I pointed to a table in the bar.

No, you cannot sit there, the offer only applies to our restaurant.

I asked was the menu different.

She said no.

Earlier, I had said I wished to sit on the veranda, to be told no. No reason was given. I then said garden, to be told it was £30 to sit in their garden.

But odd, I am being asked where I am sitting. On walking in, a sign saying ask to be seated.

Maybe I should have pointed out their own sign.

Maybe too, I should have pointed out their very prominent sign saying subscribe to their newsletter and receive a 20% discount voucher.

Or drawn attention to their website (actually I did):

Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll give you a voucher for 20% off your food bill!

I then settled down to what I excepted to be a long wait.

Impossible to relax, moronic pop music blasting out.

Surprisingly not a long wait.

beer battered haddock

beer battered haddock

Haddock and chips. The haddock served upside down and plonked on the chips. The so-called chips, potato wedges, that most people would have thrown out. Mushy peas, in a tiny little pot the size of an egg cup.

No salt and pepper on the table. I was not asked if I required. I looked around and could not see any. No one inquired was my meal ok.

I was not the only person not happy. Other people I spoke to, were not happy either.

The kitchen closed at three, not open again until six. What world are they living in?

Ropes were across the door on entry, and across the door leading down to the veranda. Rope trailing on the ground, ideal trip hazard walking into a dark pub from brilliant sunshine outside. One of the girls (not who served me) did trip as she came in from the bright sun.

After the girl tripped, it was pointed out a trip hazard, but no action taken.

In the absence of a discount voucher, haddock and chips £10-95.

Again from their website, I think someone’s idea of a sick joke:

An historic building set in a fantastic location, The Swan Inn is now open after a major refurbishment and this welcoming, independently run gastro pub boasts a stylish beer garden with unique views over the London-Farnborough runway.

Enjoy quality, freshly-cooked food with locally sourced ingredients … Our popular lunch and dinner menus serve traditional and healthy pub alternatives, and our friendly staff will gladly take you through the seasonal menu and daily specials.

Gastro oub it certainly is not, whether locally sourced ingredients, I know not, apart from the fact the haddock came not from the nearby Basingstoke Canal, and there is nowhere local growing potatoes or peas (which were mushy not fresh), and the stylish garden (an area of grass with tables) costs £30 to sit in, and if what I experienced is welcoming, one wonders what unwelcoming is like.

The garden, for which it was being charged £30 to sit in, even though you were a customer, is on the centre line of the runway. It is not safe. It is within the PSZ (Public Safety Zone), defined by 1 in 100,000 risk contour, within which cannot build, cannot allow people to congregate, as deemed too high a risk, ie not safe. The 1 in 10,000 risk contour lies just short of the garden.

The best place to observe the planes, unless you wish to view the underside of a plane landing or taking off, is outside and to the side of The Swan Inn.

In light of the fact The Swan Inn was deliberately blocking local residents passing along the main road of a view of the airfield (many were enjoying that view earlier in the week), I suggest locals show what they think of this pub by boycotting it.

Apart from blocking the view, there were vehicles parked on the footpath, forcing people out onto a very busy main road. Police on cycles came by, stopped for several minutes outside the pub, but took no action. Nor did they take action on drinks being consumed outside the pub.

The Swan Inn was refurbished some years ago. Before then a very rough pub. A quality pub, good food, may work in Farnham or Godalming or Guildford, but not Farnborough. Revisiting a couple of years ago they seemed to have repositioned themselves at the lower end of the market, their clientèle being rowdy drunks. The outside of the pub is now looking the worse for wear.

The Swan Inn is owned by TAG who also own the airfield.

Farnborough Airshow insults local residents

June 2, 2014
Farnborough Airshow traffic restrictions

Farnborough Airshow traffic restrictions

It is coming up to that time of year, horrendous noise, air pollution, blocked roads, traffic chaos, otherwise known as the Farnborough Airshow, the world’s biggest arms fair.

FIA2012 a scam, local residents were offered free tickets, only when they turned up to get in, with all their paperwork, they found they could not get in. There was a website for the free tickets, but this seemed to be a data gathering exercise on local residents. To get the free tickets, you had to turn up in advance, but even then, many did not get free tickets, as there was only a limited number on offer.

This year and do not laugh, a buy one get one free. This is to insult local residents.

It is known the area affected, or maybe better to say, the area worst affected. Why not simply give a couple of free tickets to each household, and if they want more, can buy additional tickets at half price?

For local residents, Farnborough Airshow is two weeks of misery, meanwhile, the merchants of death make a killing.

The Farnborough Airshow is not a nice little jolly outing for the family, it is the world’s largest arms fair, where high tech killing machines are on display.

Any local residents knows, if you want to see the flying displays to best advantage, you stand on the approach path by the Swan Inn. You do not pay to gain entry.

Tickets are restricted to public days, where the public gets a raw deal. Many of the exhibition stands are already dismantled or roped off, and where they are still there, they are toned down for the public. Go on trade days and you see countless displays on how good these machines are at killing people.

For local residents it will be noise, blocked roads, parking restrictions. Journey times, normally counted in minutes, stretch to over an hour.

There is quite literally pages and pages of parking restrictions, blocked roads and other traffic restrictions. There has been no consultation with local residents.

Farnborough International Airshow 2012

July 16, 2012
A fun day out for the family at the world's biggest arms fair

A fun day out for the family at the world’s biggest arms fair

helicopter view of Farnborough International Airshow

helicopter view of Farnborough International Airshow

Red Arrows

Red Arrows

Farnborough International Airshow is promoted as a fun day out for the family. It is anything but, it is where the Merchants of Death ply their trade. Kids go free. In modern warfare, civilians and especially children, suffer the highest casualties.

Farnborough International Airshow is the world’s biggest arms fair. On trade days you can see how ingenious is man in devising ever better ways to kill his fellow man.

For local residents it is two weeks of hell, two weeks of horrendous noise, one week of blocked roads, illegal parking, criminal damage to grass verges.

As a sop to local residents, FIA2012 offered local residents free tickets, then reneged on their offer.

Farnborough International Airshow is the place to see the latest the world of aviation has to offer.

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