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Battersea Park Adventure Playground facing closure

January 11, 2013
Battersea Park Playground  occupied

Battersea Park Playground occupied

Battersea Park Playground no to cuts

Battersea Park Playground no to cuts

Today, just 1 in 5 children regularly play outside in their neighbourhood. The rest are denied the chance to get out of the house and have the everyday adventures that – to people of my generation – are what childhood is all about. — David Cameron

Battersea Park Adventure Playground what a wonderful place for kids to play, a safe place for kids to play, you can see the joy on their faces.

It beggars belief that mean-spirited Wandsworth Council wishes to shut it down. I dare say if there was a playground run for profit by McDonald’s, Wandsworth would support it, the planners would push it through.

We are facing an epidemic of childhood obesity. Anything that encourages children to be active should be welcome. Were these kids not in the adventure playground, they would either be cooped up in high-rise flats or on the street with street gangs, robbing and doing drugs.

They are being fed decent food at the adventure playground. A pleasant change from McDonald’s, where too many parents abuse their kids.

Shame on Wandsworth for trying to shut down Battersea Park Adventure Playground.

Monday of this week Wandsworth were due to send in the bulldozers. The Adventure Playground has now been occupied by local parents and kids to prevent its destruction. Wandsworth Council is threatening the occupiers with legal action for occupying their own park.

It makes a mockery of Localism where local people are supposed to decide what happens in their locality.

Argyll and Bute Council picked a fight with Martha Payne for daring to write a food blog NeverSeconds about their disgusting school dinners, Wandsworh Council picks a fight with local kids by shutting down their adventure playground.

The occupation has the backing of tennis star Greg Rusedski, celebrity chef Levi Roots and Lord Dubs of Battersea, the former Labour MP, comedian Mark Thomas, Bianca Jagger, founder and chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, and presenter Gia Milinovich. London Play has also given their support, as has Play England.

For more information, with further videos about Battersea Adventure Playground, check out Wandsworth Against Cuts.

The occupation has also set up a facebook page.

Wandsworth are cutting basic services, closing libraries, cutting school crossing patrols, refuse to pay their lowest paid workers a living wage, has axed 14 staff posts at three adventure playgrounds, and yet can find £2 million for Boris Bikes (the cost of hiring is due to double this year).

The only response from Wandsworth has been to smear the opponents to destruction, ordinary kids, parents and carers.

The following demand has been issued from local groups, residents and occupiers involved:

We demand the suspension of the demolition of Battersea Park Adventure Playground, pending the holding of a public meeting with a transparent and accountable dialogue and a full consultation by Wandsworth Borough Council of the whole community about the future provision of free, safe, staffed adventurous and accessible play facilities.

This Saturday a fun day at the adventure playground 1400 to 1600 afternoon Saturday 11 January 2012. Attend and join in the fun. Show your opposition to Wandsworth.

Please sign the petition Hands off our Adventure Playgrounds.

Please spread the word and give your support.

We judge a society by how it treats its children.

Compulsory competive games

August 16, 2012
Martha Payne baking

Martha Payne baking

What legacy the London 2012 Olympic Games?

David Cameron, The Sun and The Telegraph want to see compulsive competitive games, at least two hours each and every day.

Sorry David, but you are wrong. It goes without saying The Sun is wrong. The Telegraph can go and sulk in the quad.

I can think of nothing more guaranteed to turn kids off any form of physical activity than compulsive competitive sport.

I remember Cross Country Running, and I am not talking of a few laps around the school playing field. I am speaking of the full Public School works, twice around a common that was on a hillside on a slope of a limestone escarpment. Come rain or shine, out we went, we got soaked, we got cold, we ploughed through bogs, and came back cold, wet and miserable. I do not remember a single boy, and it was only boys, who enjoyed it. I do not recall it turning out a generation of long distance or marathon runners.

The emphasis should not be on competitive sport but on getting kids active, enjoying being active.

What is wrong with salsa, yoga?

David Cameron denigrated Indian dancing. What he meant by that I do not know, but if it is what one sees in Indian films, I would have thought that would be quite active and very enjoyable.

I am not against competitive sports per se. If kids wish to participate in such sports then they should be given every encouragement, the facilities and the coaching. But that is not what we are doing.

How are we encouraging sport when we are selling off school playing fields and public parks, building on our green spaces, making it easier not harder for schools to sell off their playing fields?

One such school is Elliot School in Wandsworth where it is proposed to sell off a large part of the site to developers.

As children we played in the field behind our house, went for walks, cycle rides. In the field we created our own cricket and football pitch, we mowed the grass, levelled the pitch. I am not sure our activities went down too well with the farmer. The field is now one huge, ghastly housing estate.

Little kids are bundles of energy. They bounce around. The main problem is getting them to keep still. What then goes wrong when they become fat slobs?

It is vital we get kids active. We have a generation of fat kids who will die before their parents. It was an obscenity that Coca-Cola and McDonald’s were allowed to sponsor the London 2012 Games when we have an epidemic of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes (a disease normally associated with late middle age).

Activity itself is a necessary, but not sufficient condition, children have to learn how to eat, how to cook. Basic survival skills.

It is a pleasure when we see children like Martha Payne aka Veg (who runs the blog NeverSeconds) and my young friend Alice (who has the blog alicemck) not only taking a pleasure in cooking, but also in food.

Tending little minds is important too. Music, arts, culture.

Children have inquiring minds, again it begs the question what goes wrong to churn out brain-dead morons whose idea of food is KFC and McDonald’s, drink sports drinks, Coca-Cola, or heavily advertised lager?

Parents are to blame, though not entirely, the food industry too.

Children are having to have operations to reduce their stomach size. Children aged five and six waddling from side to side as they walk because they are too fat to walk. A child of six weighing 11 stone!

The state intervenes when children are beaten, starved. The state should intervene when children are grossly overweight.

This afternoon in a window of McDonald’s overlooking the street. One very fat woman, one very fat child, both stuffing their faces with Big Macs.

Fructose sweet white and deadly

July 8, 2012
fructose sweet white and deadly

fructose sweet white and deadly

Fructose is fruit sugar. It comes from fruit.

Complex sugars like sucrose can be broken down into simpler sugars, glucose and fructose.

If fructose comes from fruit, then it must be natural. If it is natural then it must be good for us.

That is what the food industry would like us to believe.

I was in Holland & Barrett, a health food store, at least that is what they would like us to think.

At the back of the store boxes of pure fructose. I was reminded of boxes of washing powder. It would probably be safer to eat washing powder, certainly safer to eat the box.

Why not simply serve the customers rat poison? The end result will be the same.

Fructose is deadly!

No child wants to be obese. No child gets up in the morning and shouts Mam, I want to be fat. No child wants to be bullied at school for being overweight.

Why then do parents abuse their children by taking them to the local McVomit, stuff them with sugary treats, give them Coke to drink?

We have an epidemic of childhood obesity, we have kids with type 2 diabetes a disease of late middle age. We have an epidemic of obesity in 6-month old babies!

It may surprise most people to learn that children do not exercise less than they used to. Children do not become fat because they exercise less. They exercise less because they are fat.

We are eating more. Gluttony.

This is a biochemical and psychological problem.

McDonald’s showed in the 1970s, if you give people bigger portions they eat more, and there appears to be no limit. Supersize everything, the food is cheap, the profits go up, but so does the calorie intake.

The calorie intake is in the carbohydrates, the sugars, not the fats.

We are eating more, but what we are eating more of is calorie dense, thus we are hit with a double whammy.

High Fructose Corn Syrup. Obtained from maize. Advantage to the drinks industry is that it is cheap. They switched from sucrose to HFCS. The net result that in the US is 63 pound per person.

Fructose is sweeter. If we give sucrose a base index of 100. On the same measure HFCS 120, fructose 173

We are increasing our total food intake, we are increasing the amount of sugar.

Agricultural policy is that food should be cheap. But cheap food comes at a high cost, high environmental cost, animal welfare, junk food.

High Fructose Corn Syrup. Cheap so replaces sucrose. But gets in everywhere because it is cheap.

Fruit juices are problematic. Healthy yes, but high in sugar, or can be.

Grams of sugar per 100ml

  • pomegranate juice 12.4
  • red grape and raspberry juice 11.5
  • orange juice 10.0
  • coconut water 4.8

Pomegranate juice is known to be high in sugar, that is why the advice is no more than one glass a day.

An athlete after a burst of activity will have burnt down the energy store held in the liver. High energy or sports drinks are designed to replenish the depleted energy levels in the liver. Do we see elite athletes drinking these drinks? No. We see fat kids drinking them because they have been brainwashed into thinking it is cool.

A legacy of the London 2012 Olympics is that more people will get more exercise. Sheer and utter nonsense. Sat watching the Olympics on TV does not incline one to get up and be active.

Two of the sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics are McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. What message does that send?

Eat less fat. Junk low fat foods are high in sugar.

In the home, food from fresh ingredients, we can control what we eat.

With processed food, cut the fat and it tastes crap, so replace the fat with sugar. Low fat processed food is high in sugar, which usually means high in High Fructose Corn Syrup

Fructose suppresses the signals to the brain that says I am no longer hungry. Thus if a kid drinks a can of coke in a fast food restaurant, a huge intake of calories, far from feeling satiated and having no appetite, can actually eat more.

A can or bottle of coke is a syrup. Caffeine is a stimulant, it is also a diuretic, meaning we urinate more. This leads to loss of fluid, we feel thirsty and drink more. Also contains salt, the sugar masks the salt. The salt makes us thirsty, we drink more.

Fructose and glucose are simple sugars, but they are not the same. They have different physical structures, they are metabolised in different ways.

The boxes of fructose in Holland & Barrett are labelled fruit sugar. The side panel states it is a natural sugar and advises use to replace sucrose!

Sucrose is 50:50 fructose and glucose.

With my knowledge of plants I can quite easily concoct a delicious but deadly meal.

Tobacco is natural!

Clearing the undergrowth

June 28, 2012
clearing the undergrowth

clearing the undergrowth

grass yet to be cut

grass yet to be cut

Grass has been cut on hands and knees with a pair of garden shears, then mowed. Now for the last couple of days a start has been made on clearing the undergrowth.

Today the first hot day, maybe 28C, maybe will hit 30C.

It is a shock when you learn that people who do not have the appearance of being fat or overweight, have a large amount of internal fat.

On You and Yours lunchtime today, the need for 22 minutes of exercise every day. Suggestions please on how to?

Try half an hour or more working in the garden.

For two and a half weeks, every morning one to two hours in the garden.

Try walking and cycling, not use a car. Go for walks in the countryside.

The last few evenings I have been able to enjoy the spoils of my labour, sit in the garden reading The Fire, sequel to The Eight. Peaceful and quiet as though sitting in a woodland clearing.

How to safeguard your investment in saturated fat

June 26, 2012


McD's press button to open the door, less exercise

McD’s press button to open the door, less exercise

It is the parents who have to take responsibility for what their children eat. — McDonald’s

As a company over many years, we have promoted a healthy active lifestyle. — McDonald’s

Why needlessly expend energy on opening a door?

Why waste that investment in saturated fat?

McDonald’s is here to help you,

McDonald’s is here to help safeguard your careful investment in saturated fat.

McDonald’s has installed a button to open the door. No longer do you need to needlessly expend energy. No longer do you need to worry about that careful investment in saturated fat.

You can always rely on McDonald’s to help safeguard your investment in saturated fat.

In the 1970s, less than 2% of adults in UK were obese.

Obesity has trebled in the UK since the 1980s.

By the mid-90s, more than one in ten children in the UK were obese.

Children are developing type-2 diabetes, a disease of late middle age (it used to be known as maturity onset diabetes).

60% of adults in the UK are overweight or obese.

Obesity is costing the NHS over £4 billion a year.

Annual health bill in the US for obesity approaching $150 billion.

In the US, one-third of the population is clinically obese.

It is not only saturated fat that is the problem, sugar is too.

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