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March 14, 2023

I had visited Cupaki on the third Sunday of February on my return from Exarchia Square. Cupaki the only coffee shop open.  Coffee ok, not great.
Monday evening, Kolor, Taf and Mr Bean closed.
If I wished for a coffee it was Cupaki or nothing.
I was pleasantly surprised. An excellent cappuccino, on a par with Mokka earlier.
Another suprise. As a cappuccino cools, not so good. This stayed good.
Tables and chairs down the street. I learnt in the morning busy, every table and chair occupied.
As I was leaving I noticed well made reusable cups.
Now late, nearly 8-30. I walked to Omonia and caught the Metro. Now very cold.

Cupaki Street Espresso

February 19, 2023

Passing by on leaving Exarchia, I noticed the equipment, and decided to pop in.

Stunning barista, friendly, and she brewed excellent coffee.

Sunday, apart from Exarchia Square, nothing open. I would have passed by, but for noticing the coffee equipment.

Four excellent coffee shops within spitting distance (but please do not spit).

– Kolor
– Taf
– Cupaki
– Mr Bean


February 19, 2023

I made the mistake of stopping for lunch.

Roast lamb was excellent though a little salty, roast potatoes not good as too salty.

Too cold sat outside in the shade. I had not been well, my core body temperature dropped.

Behold TheMan

February 19, 2023

Excellent coffee shop in Exarchia Square.

No surprise very busy, vibe, excellent coffee and a lovely sunny day.

My cappuccino was excellent. Sufficiently so, I asked of the beans and bought as bag.

On paying I picked up a biscuit only to learn it was a dog biscuit.


February 19, 2023

Walking to Exarchia a warm sunny day, 28C, the streets busy, pavement cafes busy.

Disappointed to find the autonomous market no more in Exarchia Square.

Riot police on entering Exarchia and in the Square, but not in the numbers of last November.

Excellent coffee at Beyond TheMan. Very busy.

Lunch at Rozalia a mistake. Too cold to sit in the shade. My core body temperature dropped.

On leaving Exarchia, coffee at Cupaki.

Brettos. Popped in and bought a bottle of their excellent coffee liqueur.


November 22, 2022

The previous day I had been recommended Kolor by Christos Loukatis, a former Greek world champion barista.

A cappuccino at Mokka I decided to try nearby Kolor.

The first thing I noted, Kolor busy, Taf empty.

The second thing I noticed, wonderful aroma from their espresso blend and the minimal information on the packaging.

The information too minimal.

Minimum requirement

– roast date

– variety
– processing
– origin

– alitutude

A discussion a few years ago with Stephen Leighton, founder and owner of Has Bean. How much information on a bag of coffee? Too much and it it will turn people off . My suggestion, add a qr code for more information.

A long chat with the owner of Kolor. He declined to serve me a coffee, he asked that I return the next day and he will have something special.

.. to be continued …

Kik Project

December 1, 2019

On my return from Exarchia Square I passed an interesting bar.

Kik Project, craft beer, lunch and coffee.

I stopped and had a craft beer.

The guy behind the bar told me of other bars with craft beer.

He kindly offered to write for me, but no time to follow through his offer.

Occasional live music.

kebab house serving disgusting food

December 1, 2019

On my return from Exarchia Square I ate at a kebab house I had passed earlier.

I wish I had not, the kebab house was serving disgusting food.

Open until three. I noticed it was three and expected to close. No three in the morning not three in the afternoon.

I have in the past passed what look like good places to eat in Exarchia. This kebab house not one of them.

autonomous market Exarchia Square

December 1, 2019

This once excellent informal famers marrket now a pale shadow of what it once was.

Exarchia Square has been taken over by drug dealers. Now a very dangerous area.


November 28, 2019

In search of Grafitto, I passed by Philos, sympathetic restoration of an old building, a pity they serve Illy coffee.

On sale magazines, only one of quality, Cereal.

I suggested drop the rest, choose Standart, Drift, Ambrosia.

I also suggested dump Illy coffee and source coffee from a local coffee roaster, Taresso, Taf, Kudos, Mr Bean, Safid.

Helpful lady told me depends on the machine, freshly ground coffee, skilled barista.

I agree, therefore please do not insult with Illy coffee.

Philos has the potential to be be an excellent coffee shop, and I would have loved to have stopped for a coffee, as the ambience was excellent, but let down by the coffee.

Improve the coffee, focus on quality magazines.

Graffito which I found next door, style and slow fashion.

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