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autonomous market Exarchia Square

December 1, 2019

This once excellent informal famers marrket now a pale shadow of what it once was.

Exarchia Square has been taken over by drug dealers. Now a very dangerous area.

Exarchia Square taken over by drug dealers

May 16, 2019

It is rather unfortunate that Exarchia Square has been taken over by drug dealers.

Autonomous farmers market Exarchia Square

October 21, 2018

An autonomous farmers market held in Exarchia Square in Athens.

An informal market of local producers in the heart of the anarchist district of Athens.

Goats cheese, nuts, fruit and vegetables, honey, peanut butter, olive oil, wine, soap.

First and third Sunday of the month.

I bought excellent goats cheese, peanut butter and pistachio nuts.

Exarchia can be a dangerous area of Athens, be wary.

I was informed faircoin in use on the market. I saw no evidence of this. I made inquiries of stallholders and drew a blank.

There was food, free food, but by the time I had looked around, all gone.

I learnt of another market every day bar Sunday, in a squatted building, no prices, pay what you wish.

I then climbed a nearby hill, Strefi Hill.

On the way to the market, I passed Taf, an excellent coffee shop, which I thought I would visit later. Sadly not open on a Sunday.

Luckily Warehouse nearby was open, which I paid a visit.