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Why are evangalists such a pain in the arse?

June 13, 2011

I was standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus when a black woman walked up to me.

‘May I talk to you’, she asked.

She seeemd harmless and so I said ‘Yes’.

I expected her to then ask for money, or maybe proposition me for sex. But no.

‘Do you believe in God?’

I responded with the same question: ‘Do you believe in God?’

She then asked me ‘Did I know Jesus loved me?’

I asked ‘Are you a liar?’

She replied no, so I replied it must be true.

She then told me God talked to her. I asked did she hear voices in her head, was she schizophrenic?

She told me no.

I then explained to her that only a couple of days ago I was at a meeting with five different believers of five different faiths (Baha’i faith, Catholic, Buddhist, Jew and a Muslim) who discussed their faith. [see What is the Role of Faith in Your Life?]

This seemd to halt her in her tracks.

I then suggested she obtained and read The Shack. As she had not heard of it I explained that it was a deep meta-physical discussion on the nature of God. At this point my bus drew up, so I said goodbye and hopped on the bus.

I felt I was talking to an automaton, a programmed robot. A person who had been brainwashed.

A lack of grace

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