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Nobel Peace Prize has become a farce

October 12, 2012

It was bad enough when Obama was granted the Peace Prize, but to hand it to the European Union, an undemocratic body that is rotten and corrupt to the core has to be seen as a sick joke.

The EU has done more to sow dissent and disharmony and hatred of foreigners in member states that anything up to outright invasion and occupation of a country.

Greece is suffering thanks to EU (in reality German) imposed austerity measures that are crippling the Greek economy and putting people out of work. Money flows into Greece, and back out to German banks (with no benefit to the Greek people).

When euro finance ministers meet, they spend their time discussing how to prop up the euro, not how can we help revive the economies of member their states.

It is not as though there are not worthy recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Canon Andrew White has worked tirelessly in Iraq to bring various warring factions together, to get them to talk to each other.

The Nobel Peace Prize is losing all legitimacy when it awards what was once a prestigious prize to the EU,and has reduced the awarding committee to a laughing stock.

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