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EU myths and fairy tales

June 23, 2016

Those who are supporting the EU have a touching belief in fairy tales.

Wandering around Winchester today, a father and his 14-year-old son waving an EU flag shouting at people to Vote Remain.

From the hostile reception they had, including the son being attacked, we will see a result like that of the Greek referendum, a large vote against the EU.

Not that Winchester is typical of the country, but also should note, a large number of visitors.

I had a long chat with them.

The son said it was his future. I agreed, that was why we should leave.

With the father, I agreed, not democratic, a cartel for big business, a rise in Fascism caused by the EU, we need to control migration, he even agreed, to dissolve the EU and have cooperating European countries.

But he believed in reform.

Now I have yet to see any evidence of reform, any move to reform.

We have Yanis Varoufakis and DiEM25 attempting reform, of which he was not aware. But even if DiEM25 succeed, will EU ever be accountable? Is it not better to take back control.

The opposite to reform is happening.

Germany wishes to see a Commissioner with the power to veto national budgets.

Fairy tales also have ogres.

That was the crunch point, a dislike of Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage has no power, is not even a Member of Parliament.

And if he was in a position of power, we can get rid of him.

We cannot get rid of EU President Jean-Claude Juncker.

EU fails the five tests of democracy drawn up by Tony Benn.

  • What power have you got?
  • Where did you get it from?
  • In whose interests do you use it?
  • To whom are you accountable?
  • How do we get rid of you?

We also have belief in wizards.

Economists we are told foretell doom and gloom if we leave the EU. For some reason we do not hear of the others, and there are others.

Economists told us we must join the ERM. And look how disastrous that proved to be.

Economists told us we must join the euro. Most would agree, it would have been a very  bad idea.

Economists failed to foresee the 2008 banking crisis that brought down the world economy. But it is worse than they failed to foresee, they provided the theoretical underpinning of the dodgy, as it turned out worthless, financial instruments Wall Street was peddling Two of these economists even got the Nobel Prize for demonstrating risk less risk, modern day alchemist, base metal into fool’s gold. Within days of their Nobel Prize, the first of the banks crashed. But it was a very brave economist who went against the herd, he would have been trampled upon in the rush to turn base metal into fool’s gold.

What we should fear, is not what the wizards foretell with their throwing of sticks, but what is actually happening.

In 2015, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for the creation of a united European army, which he said would be aimed at “deterring” Russia and strengthening the alliance.

With its own army, Europe could react more credibly to the threat to peace in a member state or in a neighbouring state,” he said, adding that “a common European army would convey a clear message to Russia that we are serious about defending our European values.

An unelected dictator is calling for his own army.

EU is not under threat, apart from its own members. Hence strengthening the alliance.

With his own army, Jean-Claude Juncker would be occupying Greece with tanks.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said the terms EU dictated to Dodgy Dave are then best we are going to get. In other words, those who support the EU and think something better may be on the table, really are believers in fairy tales.

We have a common European defence policy, and note Europe, not EU, to counter external threats, it is called Nato. It is an example of European countries cooperating for a common aim.

It also illustrates, when we wish to, we are able to cooperate.

Unlike EU, Nato has not led to a rise on Fascism across Europe.

Unlike EU, Nato does not dictate to its members.

Whether we are in or out of the EU, should make little economic difference, it does make a difference who is controlling the country.

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