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Quest of the Sword

January 20, 2010
Quest of the Sword

Quest of the Sword

“On 30 December 2009 I stood next to a Celtic monument, pondering over the decade about to come to an end. And I thought: to what extent has virtual reality replaced the taste for adventure?” — Paulo Coelho

More than 20 years ago Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho embarked on a pilgrimage to recover a sword, a sword that he thought was his but he lost through his arrogance.

It was a task set by his master J. He was to follow El Camino de Santiago, an ancient medieval pilgrims’ route.

January 2010, Paulo Coelho set a quest for his readers. Lying less than a kilometre from the Greenwich Meridian in a manger was a sword awaiting whoever was able to meet the challenge he had set. It was to be no easy challenge. Solve an enigma: Twelve cryptic clues giving locations, 1,500 km to travel. Naming the location was not sufficient, you had to go there, collect evidence that you had been there, locate and meet real individuals at each location. Then armed with all this information, locate the manger and answer a question posed by the Guardian of the Sword.

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