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Elite fish n chip restaurant

January 10, 2013
haddock and chips

haddock and chips

I have never understood why people eat bad fish n chips, chips that have been sitting around half the day, fish that is not fresh if not going off, but then maybe they have never had quality fish n chips.

If not then they should visit Elite, south side of Lincoln off Tritton Road, just before the junction with Doddington Road.

It is usually very busy, a queue out the door, but today very quiet, almost empty. Maybe the fog put people off.

Very nice piece of haddock, the chips maybe not as fresh as they could be, but still good.

Senior Citizen offers best deal, reasonable size, and comes with slices of buttered bread and a pot of tea.

The fish is sourced from sustainable fish stocks.

On the walls often original artworks. Today framed photos of Lincoln Cathedral.

Elite also has a fish n chip restaurant in Ruskington.

Trolls have been badmouthing Elite on TripAdvisor. Ignore, these are fake reviews. I have eaten at Elite many times, it has always been consistently good.

Other places serving good fish n chips in and around Lincoln: fish n chip shop on Burton Road (I am informed good but not tried), fish n chip shop in Washingborough (demand fresh chips), Butcher and Beast pub in Heighington serves fish n chips on a Tuesday when they get a fresh delivery of fish from Grimsby (I am informed good but not tried).

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