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Elephant Whisperer of Chiang Mai

September 5, 2015

The shortest distance between any two people is a story. And today as Upworthy featured ‘Lek, The Elephant Whisperer’, many will be brought much closer to this wonderful woman and her important message. — Stillmotion

She is known as the Elephant Whisperer of Chiang Mai. Her relationship with these gentle animals is very moving.

This is part of an original web series created by Stillmotion that features remarkable people and their beautiful insights into our world.

And then there are other sick people who kill animals for pleasure.

Animals are not dumb, only people are dumb.

12 Bar Blues – Piano Duet with Peter the Elephant

May 5, 2014

Peter the Elephant lives at Elephant Stay in Thailand

Peter has not been trained to play the piano, he simply joined in.

Hey, ThePianoGuys, you got a rival!

Stop elephant abuse for processions and begging-blessings in India

July 19, 2012
death of an elephant

death of an elephant

5.30 am, Friday – June 29: The sun had just risen, when it set for an elephant in Noida. A speeding truck proved to be a KILLER for the 45-year-old INNOCENT female, while seriously injuring another. Both elephants lay HELPLESS on the road near Mahamaya Flyover for almost four HOURS. While the early-morning traffic gridlock on the busy stretch caused a fuss, NOBODY CARED about the loss of a precious life.

This was not the demise of just another animal.

It was a SIGNAL – a signal of how such elephants will continue to be used for begging as we throw pennies at their cuteness.

It was a SYMBOL – a symbol of how the same elephant that blesses us as Lord Ganesha, will be damned by our ignorance.

It was an INDICATION that how elephants that make our celebrations and weddings grand, will be left in mourning.

Do you want the AUTHORITIES to upkeep the elephants in the begging and travelling category?

Do you want their OWNERS to be PUNISHED for flouting laws which govern the welfare of animals?

If yes, then SPEAK UP. Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, Bangalore is writing to the Ministry of Environment and Forest appealing to end this menace and requests your support for this worthy cause. Tell your friends to SIGN this petition that will be tabled in front of India’s government officials, pushing strict enforcement of laws banning the cruelty and abuse to India’s elephants in captivity. You can post the petition to your Facebook profile, tweet it or copy and send the message above. END the illegal practice of allowing our precious elephants to be used as commodities for commercial transactions. NOW.

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