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Deep Ecology

September 11, 2010

Deep ecology is a philosophy of nature aligned with Indigenous visions which see Earth as a living and sacred being. Using music, poetry and film as well as spoken word …

Deep Ecology is a philosophy of nature which sees that underlying the environmental crisis there is a psychological or spiritual disease stemming from the illusion of separation between humans and the rest of the natural world. The late Arne Naess, Emeritus Professor of Philo…sophy from Oslo University, Norway who coined the term “deep ecology” pointed out that our “ecological ideas are not enough to protect the Earth, we need ecological identity, ecological self”. With a presentation which includes music and poetry, John Seed shows us how to nourish our ecological identity and align ourselves with Earth.

The experience of deep ecology leads to a deepening of our love for the natural world and empowerment and vision for the protection of Nature.

— John Seed

For my lovely friend Sian.

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