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US lies on drone strikes

June 25, 2013

Leaked documents have exposed the extent of the US government lies on drone strikes.

Pakistan is a neutral country. Pakistan is not at war with the US. And yet the US still continues to attack Pakistan with drone strikes.

These are not strikes at carefully selected targets as the US would have us believe. These are strikes against people who fit a rough profile.

If you launch attacks on people, you expect them to hit back.

The Taliban cold-blooded execution of mountaineers in the Himalayas, was as direct response to drone strikes.

The attack and beheading of an off-duty soldier in London in broad daylight was a direct response to British involvement in drone strikes.

Surveillance does not stop terrorist attacks. Terrorism, or the threat thereof, is being used as an excuse for mass surveillance. It is action by the US that is creating terrorists.

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