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Dreams from endangered cultures

December 28, 2013

We are seeing an unprecedented loss of species, a cataclysmic loss, the Sixth Extinction.

But this is nothing compared with the loss of our diverse cultures.

The Earth can only exist because it is breathed into existence by human conciousness.

If you believe a mountain houses a mountain spirit, whose displeasure you must not incur, or it is a pile of rocks to be mined and exploited, determines the respect you have for the mountain, how you treat the mountain.

Are you likely to log a forest, if the trees house the spirits of your ancestors?

What we have is different realities, different ways of looking at the world, one more in touch with the natural world.

Each and every culture is a unique answer to what it is to be human.

A rainbow world or a monochrome world dominated and controlled by global corporations and the corrupt politicians in their pocket?

In a thousand years time, assuming humankind survives that long which is highly unlikely, will cultural historians look back and see this as a time when Man destroyed cultural and ecological diversity, the very diversity that was necessary for survival?

Do we want diversity or zombies that sit in front of widescreen TVs, all thinking the same thoughts, assuming of course they are even capable of thinking?

In the West we have an ignorant, arrogant world view, where we see other cultures different to our own, that do not not lead meaningless lives, sat in front of a widescreen TV, engaged in consumerism, eating junk food, as somehow inferior, underdeveloped in need of development, or in other words, to turn them into inferior copies of our own meaningless existence.

The West sees itself as superior, further along a path called Progress.

If we are to survive Climate Chaos, we need diversity, diversity of culture, diversity of eco-systems.

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