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V60 at Dope Roasting Co

November 24, 2019

A V60, not poured correctly, indeed poured very badly, was not good.

Poured far too fast, no pause to enable to bloom, the coffee grounds plastered up the sides of the filter. Not as should be, flat as a billiard table

On drinking, OK but instead of improving as cools, not at all good.

The girl as she was leaving tells me she knows how she made the V60 was wrong, apologises, and says that is how she has been told.

I suggest brew both ways, to demonstrate the wrong way does not make good coffee.

Not the only thing I observe wrong. Coffee not weighed, I doubt freshly ground, grinders not cleaned, hoppers not emptied and cleaned and the beans sealed in bags.

Dope Roasting Co a new coffee shop, I am reluctant to criticise, but these are very basic, should be correct from Day One.

If serious about coffee, take the trouble to make good coffee, and has not only to be good coffee, but consistently good.

Watching the girl on the espresso machine she said she had not the time to weigh the coffee. This attitude not acceptable.

I sat by the window, where a shelf ran along the window. The window was open, people sat outside the window with coffee in takeaway cups on the same shelf. Bizarre.

Find my way to Just Made 33. Third time I have found closed. A notice would appear to indicate open 0800 to 1730. At a guess, roadworks killing business.

Dope Roasting Co

November 23, 2019

On leaving The Underdog, I find Dope Roasting Co, my second attempt.

But why oh why does Google Maps send me along polluted busy roads, not walk alongside Metro line from Thisio to Monastiraki?

An interesting building, not a building, a space between two buildings, hence the bare graffiti covered walls.

Interesting conversation between head roaster and owner as to why they use Robusta.

Conventional wisdom, remove the sugar, try, then ask if still require sugar.

Turn this on its head, go with the flow, Greeks have bad taste in coffee, loads of sugar. Therefore offer high quality Robusta from India, beans double the price of cheap commodity Robusta, which the corporate chains use and small chains like 200 Degrees to bulk out their coffee.

Did I try the Robusta? No. I did though check the freshly roasted beans.

I tried a cappuccino, Arabica not Robusta.

The bags of coffee poorly labeleld, need more information on the origin, taste profile, roast date.

Dope Roasting Co is new, a coffee shop and roastery.