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Conférence de Naomi Klein à Paris

April 14, 2015
Conférence de Naomi Klein à Paris

Conférence de Naomi Klein à Paris

Le 30 mars dernier, Naomi Klein présentait son dernier ouvrage « Tout peut changer, capitalisme et changement climatique », publié par Actes Sud, à Paris. Une soirée organisée par, Attac, Actes Sud en partenariat avec Bastamag et Mediapart.

Divest It Like It’s Hot

April 13, 2015

A silly video, but with an important message, the need to divest.

If we are to avoid thermal runaway, we must limit global temperature rise to less then 2C, and it we are to limit global temperature rise to less then 2C, then 80% of known carbon reserves must be left in the ground.

If we cannot extract the known reserve why are we exploring for more reserves?

The value of companies like Shell and BP, is dependent upon their claimed reserves. If 80% of those reserves cannot be extracted, the worth of those companies plummets overnight.

Hence the move to divest.

There is now a worldwide campaign to divest, with pressure being put on universities, on municipalities, on pensions funds, to divest their holdings in fossil fuel companies.

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