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Very heavy dew

September 30, 2011

Tuesday evening I put down a book I was reading in my garden. Half an hour later it was wet with dew.

No surprise then that the next morning my lawns were wet with dew, as was the leaves. My wheelie bins were so wet that it looked as though it had rained.

My lawns were still wet by midday.

This is how it has been the last few days.

An Indian summer, though apparently not officially.

Today it has probably hit 29 degrees, at least ten degrees above normal, though with global warming, what is normal.

Tomorrow it is expected to hit 30 degrees, maybe hotter, which will break the record for October which stands at 29 degrees.

As a child I used to see dew ponds lying derelict, no longer used by farmers as they had piped water.

Dew ponds are shallow clay-lined depressions in dry grasslands over chalk ar limestone. I can now see how effective they would be.