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The Matlocks and the Terrible Thing

April 7, 2014

WynnAlice had a dream, six moons in the planning, six moons in the walking, she was to set off from the town that was not too big, not too small, and walk from town to village, village to town, telling tales, collecting tales, all to be writ in the great book, Tales of Our Times, a book of 13 chapters and 13 copies, there being 13 moons in a year.

A sojourn in Derbyshire. From The Matlocks to Chesterfield.

The Matlock Tree Group rescue trees hanging precariously onto thin limestone soils and replant. Everywhere they can, they plant trees.

The Matlock Tree Group started when local schoolchildren cleared a patch for a vegetable garden and dumped unwanted ash trees in a skip. The tree group rescued the ash trees and replanted them.

The local community support a local farmer, agreeing to buy a few of his lambs paying a better price than he would get if he took the lambs to market. They also hand feed orphaned lambs, rejected by their mothers or pushed out by greedy siblings.

Amazing how local planners can never find grounds to stop unwanted development, and yet local people who they supposedly are paid to serve, can always find many grounds.

In Chesterfield, all the schools have an allotment.

Our narrator is working on a new book, Flip Flop.

Based partly on true stories of the many people today who are already living their lives in a way that makes the world a better place to live in, Flip Flop seeks to give us a glimpse of a very different world; a world where debt is unknown, a world where people’s access to land and a home is their birthright, and where each and every child born is wanted, loved, and knows their purpose.

It was hoped to fund Flip Flop through crowd funding, but unfortunately it failed to reach its crowd funding target on sponsume. One third was raised, 40% if count those who paid direct to the author to avoid charges.

A big question mark on the many transition groups visited. Had they all chipped in, the target would have easily have been met, and they would have all benefited when Flip Flop was published.

Flip Flop will now be published in serial form on leanpub as an e-book. Everyone who pays to download leanpub, will receive Flip Flop chapter by chapter, until they have the complete book through regular updates. This has the advantages for both reader and author, and the author can get feedback and interact with the readers as the books is being written.

This is how all the classics were published. They they were first serialised in magazines, then published as a book.

Once the funds are raised, Flip Flop will be published as a paperback.

Contrast the vision of the future envisaged in Flip Flop with The Country Formerly Known as London.

With 100 advance orders, there is the possibility of Tales of Our Times being published as a paperback.

Our narrator will soon be touring the country. Dates have been fixed, but should you wish to host a story teller, please get in touch.

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