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Spinach and ricotta ravioli with butter

July 21, 2022

I was a little disappointed when I picked up spinach and ricotta ravioli from Nonna Juana Deli as I was after mushroom ravioli.

Nonna Juana Deli, everything made fresh daily on site, small batches, therefore small choice. A choice of spinach and ricotta ravioli or beef ribs ravioli.

Corn flour dusted the ravioli to prevent sticking together.

I have learnt, do not pick up in a heat wave, as it melts together, as I discovered when I last picked up mushroom ravioli on a hot day and it melted. Yesterday was a hot day, 26C, but luckily did not melt.

The second thing, use on the day of purchase or on the next day.

Preparation could not be easier.

  • bring a pot of water to the boil (with added salt)
  • add pasta simmer for four minutes
  • add a knob of butter to a pan on low heat remove from heat as melts
  • add a little pasta water to the butter
  • drain the pasta
  • add pasta to melted butter
  • serve pasta with the melted butter

As noted when I bought, I was a little disappointed, as I made a trip for mushroom ravioli. But, I was lucky no mushroom ravioli, the spinach and ricotta ravioli was excellent.

Cheesecake con dulce de leche

June 29, 2022

Excellent cheesecake, the best I have ever tasted.

Nonna Juana Deli has fresh made pasta made on site.

They also have the most amazing cheesecake.

It is worth a visit to Nonna Juana Deli for the cheesecake alone.

Nonna Juana Deli

June 28, 2022

My experience of Pasta le Disaster aka Pasta Evangelist was just that, a bloody disaster. Website not fit for purpose, order does not arrive, and the pasta when it arrives, I may as well get from Waitrose or M&S and save myself the hassle. Shipping fresh chilled pasta via a courier service is not viable. The only way is fresh made pasta, made locally, for a local market.

Last week I learnt of Nonna Juana Deli and decided to pay them a visit.

An attractive shop front and a very warm welcome when I walked in.

A lady taking orders and a chef. Our conversations switched between English and Spanish.

On sale fresh pasta, dried pasta, Argentina influenced savoury pastries, sandwiches and cakes.

They apologized for very little choice, closed Sunday and Monday, more choice later in the week.

I sampled lamb that was cooking. Excellent Also a couple of sauces.

I was offered home made pesto. Maybe another day.

I came away with mushroom ravioli (and verbal instructions on how to cook) and two slices of cheesecake.

I was tempted by lasagne, but for another day. Maybe beef lasagne.

Hopefully next visit they will be making the pasta in their open kitchen.

Use of WhatsApp not good. I recommended use Telegram.

I also recommended they were on Twitter.

Whilst I was there, a steady stream of customers.

Nonna Juana Deli will be at a food festival in the castle grounds next month. I walked through the castle grounds. No mention of the food festival.

I recommended a stall during the summer at the farmers market in Castle Hill and the Sleaford street food market.

We are sadly seeing more and more corporate chain eateries in Lincoln. By contrast, Nonna Juana Deli an independent local business where they care and are passionate about food, a breath of fresh air.

From the city centre, walk up Steep Hill to Castle Hill (or take Walk & Ride to Lincoln Cathedral), walk through the grounds of Lincoln Castle, head to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, walk along Burton Road, past a parade of shops and one of the last shops on the right. An alternative route, catch No 7 Ermine Bus from Central Bus Station, alight at the Museum of Lincolnshire life, then continue along Burton Road.

Ελληνικα Καλουδια – Ellinika Kaloudia grocery store

October 31, 2018

Ελληνικα Καλουδια, Ellinika Kaloudia, a lovely little deli behind the Acropolis Museum.

I picked up green olive oil, first of the season from Crete, regarded as the highest quality olive oil. Only one bottle left.  Next of the new season olive oil to arrive will be from  the Peloponnese

Nearby Little Tree, bookshop and coffee shop, books, food, coffee, craft beer.


Turn Fit Deli

December 15, 2015

coffee beans at Turn Fit Deli

coffee beans at Turn Fit Deli

Turn Fit Deli

Turn Fit Deli



Turn Fit Deli only opened early this month and it has already shot to the No 1 coffee spot in Guildford (No 2 jointly shared by FCB Coffee kiosk and Harris + Hoole).

I popped in Turn Fit Deli a couple of weeks ago, maybe a couple of days after it had opened.

Excellent coffee from new coffee shop, Turn Fit Deli. Weird name. Coffee, coffee beans, light lunches, cakes and cookies, everything home made by different people.

Atmosphere is minimalist, modern.

Turn Fit Deli shows how to if you wish to open a coffee shop with a reputation, buy in world class coffee beans, employ a word class barista who knows his coffee. Turn Fit Deli has done both.  You cannot cut corners when it comes to serving coffee.

Word of mouth, Turn Fit Deli  has already acquired a reputation with coffee connoisseurs as the place for coffee.

Everything where possible, locally sourced.

We need a network of local businesses, each sporting each other.

Next step use FairCoin and introduce a local currency.

Absolutely no excuse for farmers on farmers market letting themselves and everyone else down buying disgusting  coffee from Costa or tax-dodging Starbucks.

Mog’s Deli

November 15, 2014

Mog's Deli

Mog’s Deli

olive oil

olive oil

Mog's Deli

Mog’s Deli

I passed a shop I had not noticed before, Mog’s Deli, a coffee shop cum deli.

I bought some ham, which proved not to be very good. I would have expected a deli to have much better quality ham.

The coffee, a brand coffee, why not from one of the many small coffee roasters? Union hand roasted, Winchester coffee roasters, Allpress?

Very charming and helpful girls.

I had chat with one of the girls, and she said they had all been trained in coffee making.

Large glass jars full of olive oil. These used to fill lovely glass bottles, which are then corked. Customers can bring their bottles back for a refill.

Nicely done out.

Mog’s Deli, another example of clueless in the use of social media. If you want people to read your tweets, do not use facebook robots to send out meaningless tweets. If you cannot be bothered to write a tweet, why expect anyone be bothered to read them?

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