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Resignation of the Dean of St Paul’s

November 1, 2011

Yesterday I heard the sad news that the second senior cleric at St Paul’s had resigned. The Dean of St Paul’s the Rt Rev Graeme Knowles had resigned.

St Paul’s Dean Graeme Knowles resigns over protests
Archbishop’s statement on resignation of the Dean of St Paul’s
Occupy London responds to resignation of the Dean of St Paul’s

No one has called upon these senior clerics, certainly not those camped outside.

The good news today is that St Paul’s has suspended legal action against those camped outside.

St Paul’s suspends legal action against Occupy London protest
St Paul’s suspends legal action against protest camp

Front page of The Times today has a claim that St Paul’s in-the-Camp is a site of drink and drugs, that the people there do not know why they are there and that they are high on drink and drugs. This it is claimed was the situation Saturday. Simply not true, but then does anyone expect the truth from corporate mainstream media, especially when owned and controlled by the Murdoch Empire?

Pandora and I were there Saturday afternoon and evening. People there were very articulate, polite, helpful and well informed. There was a wonderful atmosphere and it was not fueled by drink or drugs.

The atmosphere was in part due to the Christian spirit.

Sermon on the Steps at St Paul’s in-the-Camp
Evensong at St Paul’s

Yipee! City of London also suspends legal action!

St Paul’s u-turn: Tent city protesters told they can carry on camping

Contrary to the nonsense in the Evening Standard, there are no ringleaders.