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Kuzo signature drink Café Amárena

May 26, 2019

Before trying Kuzo signature drink tried the Tanzania coffee from Dark Woods as V60 and Chemex, Japanese iced filter or as Greeks call it cold dripped coffee.

This was a mistake. Used too much of the limited supply supply of coffee, and if had been Chemex only, could have tasted the coffee as it cooled.

Method used, half the water, the other half as ice, coffee instantly chilled as drips through into the ice.

Next Kuzo signature drink with what little coffee was left.

It was, as all who tried agreed, an excellent refreshing drink for a hot day.

Kuzo signature drink designed by designed by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue using Kuzo marmalade and coffee from Sambewwe famers cooperative in Tanzania.

The Barn Sambewe – washed – Bourbon – high acidity – plum, dark berries, vanilla.

Dark Woods Blackburn Estate – washed – Kent and Nyassa – black tea, licorice, toffee, citrus, blackcurrant.

Mint fresh picked lunchtime.

Earlier had tried same drink at Miyu Coffee made with taf espresso blend. A big difference using Tanzanian single origin coffee beans.

Noticeable the Dark Woods beans very small.

— to be continued —

Finca El Tormento

December 1, 2017

Tormento Colombia is a single origin coffee from Finca El Tormento in Colombia.

I passed by FCB kiosk on Guildford Station on my way to catch the train. No time to stop, other than say hi. Try our guest coffee next time you pass by.

This I did next time I passed by.

The Colombian coffee was excellent. One of the best coffees I have had at FCB kiosk.

Odd though, no information on the bag apart from an interesting drawing and the name, Colombia Tormento.

A little sleuthing and I learnt the guest coffee was supplied by Dark Woods Coffee.


Castillo, Colombia and Caturra.


Finca El Tormento located at a height of 1,750 – 1,850 metres above sea level in the mountains of Southwest Antioquia is owned by Oscar Montoya Vazques.

The hand-picked cherries are dry pulped, fermented and washed, then sun dried on raised beds (parihuelas).

FCB kiosk

Guest coffee at FCB kiosk on Platform 2 at Guildford Station.

tasting notes

Citrus flavours and nutty caramel.

Northern Coffee Adventure

One does not expect a rail company to take passengers on a tour of a a coffee roastery, and yet that is exactly what Northern Rail did, to a few specially invited passengers.

During their visit, a very very special treat. They had a taste of  lot #227 from an estate in Panama. This scored a Q grade of 97, and  was sold at auction for a mind boggling $5000 per kilogram.

Synchronicity. Taf serve Ninety Plus coffee, coffee with a Q grade in excess of 90. Whilst there I had the great honour of being introduced to World Barista champion Stefanos Domatiotis. He showed me some beans that he said was from their estate in Panama. He then made me a V60 using Geisha from their Panama estate. The same estate that produced  lot #227. Was I served the same coffee? I do not know.