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December 30, 2015
 flood victims turn on David Cameron

flood victims turn on David Cameron

York flooded. Manchester flooded. Cumbria flooded. Scotland flooded. Wales flooded.

Two winter’s ago, when large swathes of the country were flooded, David Cameron said lessons would be learnt.

Zealot George Osborne savagely cut public spending, including that to the Environment Agency.

The only surprise is the hypocrite dared showed his smug face in the areas flooded.

COP21 in Paris was a failure.

What were 1 in 100 extreme events are now every decade and now every couple of years.

Bad flooding two winter’s ago, now this winter.

Similar patters are seen in the US.

We are seeing this now with 1C global temperature rise.

Warm air holds more moisture. High temperatures, more energy in the system, more frequent and violent storms.

We have known this for at least a decade, and yet no mitigation measures in place.

Hard flood defences do not work, soft flood defences do.

We have to retain water water upstream, re-afforest the hills, re-wild the hills, re-introduce beavers, wolves and lynx.

Our hills have been denuded by sheep.

We have seen flash floods caused by unprecedented heavy downpours, now the norm, causing a sudden surge of water, one day a town in Cumbria dry, next day under several feet of water, next day dry.

We have to slow that water, spread over time.

When water sheets off a hill, hits a line of trees it vanishes, it sinks into the ground through tiny channels caused by tree roots. The soil absorbs water. The trees slow the rate at which the water hits the ground granting it time to be absorbed.

Pickering used to flood. It is in Yorkshire. Pickering did not flood. It did not flood because debris instead of being cleared from streams, is introduced into streams, trees cut down across streams. Work that beavers will happily do for free. There is also a small damn upstream of Pickering.

We have to have emergency legislation to revoke any planning consent for building on flood plains.

Flood plains are meant to flood.

The irony is, with cuts to Environment Agency funding, responsibility for local flood prevention has passed to local councils, bodies that know nothing about flooding, that are only too happy to pocket from developers to enable building on flood plains.

Cove Brook rises to the south of Farnborough Airport. Tens of thousands of trees were cut down in the catchment area. Drainage on the airport improved. As light follows day, properties downstream were flooded.

Properties downstream of Gatwick Airport experience similar problems.

Parts of Yorkshire flooded, are areas licensed for fracking. That is how much David Cameron cares about flood victims.

We know if we are to keep global warming below 2C, we have to leave at least 80% of known carbon deposits in the ground. For smug Dave lining the pockets of his slimy friends is more important than flood victims.

Widespread flooding, and where was the Chairman of the Environment Agency? Er, sunning himself in Barbados. £100,000 per annum for a couple of days a week. Yet another example of a public official taking the piss out of the public and laughing all the way to the bank.

And there are still morons who deny the existence of climate change. Morons who lack any understanding of science. Morons like failed Chancellor and has-been politician Nigel Lawson. Morons and thsoe in thre pocket of Big Oil, Big Coal.


May 28, 2014
Gillam's Tea Rooms providing fine food and excellent service  since 1892

Gillam’s Tea Rooms providing fine food and excellent service since 1892



Here we go again, yet another corrupt local council in bed with developers, destroying local heritage, local community.

The local planners are happy to allow historic buildings within a conservation area to be ripped down for an unwanted supermarket.

Local people are not willing to stand idly by, they are crowd funding to raise the money to mount a Judicial Review.

It is tragic what is happening across the country, corrupt local councils in the pocket of greedy developers and Big Business.

Please sign the petition to keep Sainsbury’s out of Ulverston.

I am very pleased to see Richard Buxton are on the case. I could not have chosen better lawyers myself, they are excellent.

It is heritage that gives a sense of place, but all corrupt planners and councillors see is palms greased and pockets lined.

We are used to seeing pubs destroyed and the site redeveloped, in Ulverston it is an old brewery and associated cottages that will be destroyed for an unwanted supermarket, the supermarket in turn will then lead to the destruction of the town centre.