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Jack Bruce

October 25, 2014

The world of music will be a poorer place without him, but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts. — family of Jack Bruce

Sad news today, the death of Jack Bruce age 71.

Jack Bruce was a member of Alexis Korner’s Blues Inc, where Charlie Watts, later to join the Rolling Stones, was the drummer. He played in a number of bands throughout the early 1960s, including John Mayall’s Blues Breakers and Manfred Mann before joining Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker in Cream

Cream: Jack Bruce bass, Eric Clapton lead guitar and Ginger Baker drums.

Cream sold 35 million albums in just over two years and were given the first ever platinum disc for Wheels of Fire.

Jack Bruce wrote and sang most of the songs, including I Feel Free and Sunshine Of Your Love.

Cream split in November 1968.

Sadly I never saw Cream play, but I did (I think sometime in the 1970s) see Jack Bruce play at Surrey University, including several Cream numbers.

Chicken Shack – Spoonful (Live 2004)

March 30, 2012

Chicken Shack are mid-1960s Cream era.

Here with classic Cream number Spoonful.

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