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Wine 52 Beer 52 scam

January 11, 2023

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I was bombarded every other day with junk e-mails from Pasta le Disaster containing freebies, offers, a free book. A sign of the desperation of Paste le Disaster. One of these offers was for free wine, which as with all the other offers, I ignored.

Then, in the week leading up up Christmas, a repeat of the free wine offer.

I clicked through the link, it took me, not to Pasta le Disaster, but to Wine 52. I tried to place an order, website not fit for purpose.

Wine 52 website not fit for purpose, it took an  hour on the phone to place an order. It did not arrive when stated. I then had to chase when it did not arrive the following week. 

When my order was confirmed, it then came through with another offer, free craft beer, as before, only pay postage.

The wine was not what the order confirmed, instead of Puglia, I was sent Mendoza. More hassle, eventually sent wine from Puglia.

Unlike the wine, the beer was not a short delay. It took weeks to arrive, I had to chase at least twice. 

No reputable company that cares about reputation, cares about customer service, uses Evri. 

The wines well packed. Picking out bottles at random, the wine has been excellent.

The beer, a mix of eight bottle and cans, craft beer from Pennsylvania.

Picking out one at random, Haze Charmer hazy pale ale, excellent.

With the wine and and beer, a free magazine. Not yet flipped through the beer magazine Ferment, the wine magazine Glug, excellent (similar to Standart).

Each box, a couple of snacks. Only tried from the Mendoza wine box, pleasant enough.

Looking at TrustPilot, I see my experience is not a one off.  Many one-star complaints of poor service, a scam, difficulty of cancelling subscriptions, unauthorised deductions from bank accounts. The five-star reviews all appear to be fake reviews, all singing from the same hymn sheet.

This one-star review not atypical.

Scamming b@#tards. £32 for 10 beers?? Can’t cancel my order online. Can’t cancel subscription once placed as I had a promotion before christmas. Tried to get through to them to cancel order but couldn’t get through. Finally get through and they tell me I should of canceled days ago?? How can one cancel an order if you can’t do it online and you robbing c*nts won’t answer the phone?.

Another 1* review that the products were close to or past expiry date. The response of Beer 52, that is why cheap. It would appear they are buying up job lots about to be poured down the drain. The J D Wetherspoon businesses model.

My subscription for Wine 52 and Beer 52 cancelled Sunday, with a requirement they have to confirm by midday on Monday.

Monday came and went, no confirmation. Tuesday came and went, no confirmation.

Bank contacted to block Wine 52 and Beer 52. Any attempt to take money from my account will be treated as fraud.

Wednesday a reply. A reply that made no sense.

Hi Keith,

Apologies for the delay in response.

We’re really sorry to hear you’re considering leaving us. I’ve taken a look at your account and I can see that you have £8 credit on your Beer52 account & £10 credit on your Wine52 account that hasn’t been used yet, and which will be lost if you cancel.

This means that your next box of “8 [Manchester] Beers” & “4 [Georgia] Wines” would each only cost £19 £31, respectively, and we’d deliver them directly to your door.

I’ll also add in “The Story of Craft Beer” book by Pete Brown (Valued at £12.99 RRP) completely free of charge!

In the meantime, I’ve set your subscription to cancel before your next payment is due, but hopefully the above will go some way in changing your mind.



How can there be credit on my account? Not unless they have credited the money to me.

A free book, which if I wanted I can get from Amazon for £10-39.

Ten pounds credited to Wine 52. Now only pay £31. Er no. Would only pay £32. How therefore does a credit of ten pounds result in paying £31, ie only one pound off?

Update: Saturday, two more e-mails, to confirm my subscriptions to Wine 52 and Beer 52 had been cancelled.

Dough LoCo pizza

July 16, 2022

A very doughy pizza. The name should have warned me.

Pleasant day to sit outside, or would have been, but a gang of rowdy drunks inside.

Saturday, or my bad luck.

A long wait for my pizza. Very doughy. Maybe the hint in the name. Probably a matter of choice, but I prefer the pizza at Slow Rise.

I was there late, I could have eaten at Slow Rise. But that had not been my intention. A hot day, eat, shop, leave Lincoln early and get food into a fridge.

Whilst hot weather, I may pop by another day, for a beer, not a pizza.

Ο Μπαμπάς

December 3, 2019

Although very tired, nearing midnight and had wanted an early night, I decided to head to Duente for a craft beer. When I have passed by in the past told they have craft beer. No craft beer.

I try Little Tree, too late, already closed.

I then headed for the craft beer bar Ο Μπαμπάς that I found a few days previous.

I sat outside as a warm evening. It would be nice if they cleaned the tables though were cleaned when my order taken.

Nightmare using internet, access through a third party which appeared to be nothing but a trawl for personal data. I complained, they relented and gave me password for their wifi router.

Excellent craft beer but at 7 euros for a small bottle expensive.

I found by heading down the side of Acropolis Museum, on past Coco-Mat and keep going. On my way back, a different route along a busy main road.

As I pass a bar on a corner, red strip lighting, a man sat outside comes to life, tries to drag me in, tells me it is free. I decline his insistent offer, if for no other reason sounds dodgy. Blinds down the window, I peek through the gap, bar empty, a large circular bar, no one there but scantily dressed women around the bar.

A brothel?

Kik Project

December 1, 2019

On my return from Exarchia Square I passed an interesting bar.

Kik Project, craft beer, lunch and coffee.

I stopped and had a craft beer.

The guy behind the bar told me of other bars with craft beer.

He kindly offered to write for me, but no time to follow through his offer.

Occasional live music.

Bar serving craft beer

November 30, 2019

An interesting bar serving craft beer, but no time for a beer.

Yogurt and cappuccino at Little Tree

November 27, 2019

Wednesday four weeks ago, end of October, I was intending to climb Hill of the Muses, last warm day before the weather changes.

Last warm day end of October before the weather changes to cooler weather. I got as far as Little Tree, and no further.

AirBnB causing major problems in Athens and other major cities. In Athens dirty Turkish, Russian and Chinese money buying apartment blocks, local residents forced out creating ghettos.

Graffiti most apt.

Synchronicity: Passing by the derelict mansion behind the Acropolis Museum a lady stopped and spoke to me, asked was I interested in buying as she had similar properties for sale. I learnt such properties were protected, could not be demolished, expensive to buy and would cost as much again to renovate. She was on her way to an appointment, could not stop and chat.

I regret I did not ask how much to buy?

Derelict mansion featured in Walking in Athens, a collection of essays by Nikos Vatopoulos, in an essay A forgotten staircase beside The Acropolis.

Yogurt and cappuccino at Little Tree bohemian bookshop cum coffee shop located behind Acropolis Museum.

I made a mistake ordering a freddo cappuccino not a cappuccino. Waiter brought me a freddo cappuccino before I could correct my mistake. I said a mistake, he took away freddo cappuccino, brought a cappuccino, billed me for both.

A chat with a young lady who had a white e-scooter, her own not a rented e-scooter. She agreed the dumping of e-scooters everywhere is a menace.

I mentioned Mallorca was now taking action on e-scooters. We agreed long overdue Athens did the same.

Then a very long chat with a young guy, H G Wells, democracy, AirBnB, Greek financial crisis.

By then it was dark and turning cool.

Craft Beer at The Brewery

October 21, 2019

Following a trip to Larnaca Monday two week ago and souvlaki at No 1, a craft beer at The Brewery.

The Brewery one of those rare places where can obtain quality beer. The only place I am aware of.

Everywhere else serves cheap low quality beer from corporate chemical conglomerate.

Half a pint of quality craft beer Humor IPA from The Brewery 4-50 euros, a pinto of Keo in a local bar 2-60 euros.

Humpor IPA excellent.

Growlers & Cans

June 28, 2019

Popped in Growlers & Cans.

A rough bar, through not really even a bar, more of a shop where can also have a beer.

High quality craft beer, far better than would find in any local pub, though currently limited selection.

Strange set up. Buy a bottle of beer, then pay a pound to drink it. I’d rather take it to the park.

Beer on tap, 2/3 or a pint. I asked did they do a 1/3? I had a 1/3 of an excellence beer. At £2 for 1/3 that would make it £6 a pint, though cheaper if bought a pint.

Crap coffee from Redber. I advised ditch it and buy better quality coffee, but would also need to employ a top quality barista.

Never buy cheap low quality coffee, it is false economy. Spoilt for choice for quality coffee roasters. Try River Coffee Roasters or Chimney Fire Coffee.

These days it is coffee shops where find quality craft beer not pubs. It would be an interesting combination craft beer and speciality coffee, add food too.

Later I walked through the Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre to find Redber had pulled out.

Craft beer at Warehouse

May 16, 2019

Not somewhere I would go for coffee as not good.

Craft beer not that great either.

Where pretentious people gather.

Cappuccino at The Brew Dog

October 27, 2018

After much deliberation, I settled on a cappuccino. It was to have been a V60, but where I wished to sit by the window was taken after I walked in. Also no V60, clever dripper.

A choice of coffee from Guatemala or Brazil, I let the barista choose, he chose Brazil. For filter, from Ethiopia or Kenya.

The bags of coffee beans on the shelves, bottom row for espresso, top row for filter.

Excellent cappuccino.

I sat and watched the drinks being made.

I was curious why was the freddo cappuccino different to that in Cyprus. different glass, only two not three layers. The coffee not frothed, the milk is frothed.

Another dink, espresso poured on ice, milk to be added later to suit,  freddo latte.

I counted twenty one crafts beers. Better chance of getting a craft beer in Greek coffee shop than a failing English pub.

Had  I stayed, as a hot day, though cool once sun drops,  I would have had a Japanese iced filter. Different name, iced dripped coffee or cold dripped coffee, not to be confused with cold drip coffee.

I have previously had excellent cold brew coffee. I thought, brewed in Chemex then stored in the fridge. I was wrong. Immersion, the Chemex simply used as  a carafe before being decanted into bottles. Served from the bottles which are stored in a fridge.



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