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Ο Μπαμπάς

December 3, 2019

Although very tired, nearing midnight and had wanted an early night, I decided to head to Duente for a craft beer. When I have passed by in the past told they have craft beer. No craft beer.

I try Little Tree, too late, already closed.

I then headed for the craft beer bar Ο Μπαμπάς that I found a few days previous.

I sat outside as a warm evening. It would be nice if they cleaned the tables though were cleaned when my order taken.

Nightmare using internet, access through a third party which appeared to be nothing but a trawl for personal data. I complained, they relented and gave me password for their wifi router.

Excellent craft beer but at 7 euros for a small bottle expensive.

I found by heading down the side of Acropolis Museum, on past Coco-Mat and keep going. On my way back, a different route along a busy main road.

As I pass a bar on a corner, red strip lighting, a man sat outside comes to life, tries to drag me in, tells me it is free. I decline his insistent offer, if for no other reason sounds dodgy. Blinds down the window, I peek through the gap, bar empty, a large circular bar, no one there but scantily dressed women around the bar.

A brothel?