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Unfit to run a pub and yet keeps licence

April 9, 2015
Councillor Bruce Thomas runs La Fontaine pub in Aldershot

Councillor Bruce Thomas runs La Fontaine pub in Aldershot

To run a pub one has to demonstrate a fit and proper person to hold a licence.

The track record of Bruce Thomas would indicate not.

Bruce Thomas would appear to have demonstrated that he not a fit person to hold a pub licence, as this was what was found on numerous raids by licensing officials:

  • out-of-hours drinking
  • out-of-hours music
  • music audible outside of premises
  • smoking on premises
  • disorderly and antisocial behaviour of pub customers
  • customers served whilst drunk
  • Bruce Thomas drunk and incapable of even answering questions

On Tuesday, the licencing committee met.

It beggars belief they allowed him to keep his licence.

Could it be because he is a local councillor and it is the council looking after their own?

Yes they have tightened up the conditions for the pub, and that is good news, but absolutely no way should Bruce Thomas be allowed to retain a pub licence.

What sort of a message does this send out?

It beggars belief Bruce Thomas was allowed to keep his licence.

How long will it be before the licencing committee is again considering fit and proper person to run a pub?

If nothing else, Bruce Thomas has a drink problem, over which everyone appears to be in denial. He should not be anywhere near a drink.

Too pissed to run his own pub

April 2, 2015
Councillor Bruce Thomas runs La Fontaine

Councillor Bruce Thomas runs La Fontaine

La Fontaine has been raided eleven times by council officials, at times also accomanied by police and councillors.

They have found illegal after-hours drinking, illegal on-premises smoking, illegal out-of-hours music.

They would have liked to have questioned the pub landlord Councillor Bruce Thomas, only found he was too intoxicated to answer questions.

Not the behaviour to be expected from a pub landlord, not the behaviour to be expected from a local councillor.

This therefore begs the questions: Why has the pub not been closed, why has the licence to run a pub not been revoked? Why is he still a local councillor?

To run a pub, it is necessary to show fit and proper person.

According to the local comic:

In documents handed to the council, PC Iain Barnes said the La Fontaine was in breach of two of the council’s four licensing objectives – prevention of crime and disorder and prevention of public nuisance.

PC Barnes first visited the pub during the early hours of August 20, 2011, with RBC licensing officer Sue Berry.

They found the front door locked but could see through the window people at the bar and the pub’s disco lights on.

Entering, PC Barnes and Mrs Berry heard people talking about ‘hiding ash trays’ and they could see and smell smoke. They were led to the kitchen where PC Barnes challenged Cllr Thomas about people smoking on the premises, which Cllr Thomas denied.

Further visits by RBC found other breaches of the pub’s 2005 licence, including recorded music being played after hours, people being re-admitted after midnight and patrons drinking outside in areas not covered by the pub’s licence.

The pub’s licence requires it to ensure customers vacate external drinking areas by 10pm and to stop recorded music at 11pm.

PC Barnes found the level of intoxication witnessed during his two most recent visits suggested alcohol was not being sold in a responsible way and people were being served ‘beyond the point of drunkenness’. And that the conduct of Bruce Thomas  painted an unprofessional image and demonstrated an inability to maintain ‘satisfactory control’ of his establishment and customers.

During the planning meeting to discuss the destruction of The Tumbledown Dick, Councillor Bruce Thomas fell over backwards to put the boot in. No vested interest was declared. When later that evening he dared to show his face at the Tilly Shilling, he was asked to justify his deplorable behaviour. He claimed he did not know what was going on and had to vote how he was told to vote by council officials.