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Corporate death sentence

May 29, 2014
killer corporations

killer corporations

Corporations have rights as pseudo-human beings, for example as pseudo-human beings, the right to free speech, the right to be a litigant in court. But with one important difference, corporations are like zombies, they live forever.

If corporations are like human beings, should they not face the death sentence for their corporate crimes?

A hit list is being drawn up, who should we eliminate. You vote, you can even add to the list, with your own suggestion of a corporation worthy of inclusion on the hit list, McDonald’s, for example, or Royal Bank of Scotland or Nestlé.

  • Exxon – crimes against humanity
  • BP – ecocide
  • Monsanto – pure evil
  • Walmart – abuse of workers, destruction of small towns
  • General Motors – criminal neglect
  • Pfizer – abuse of public trust
  • Philip Morris – getting away with murder
  • JP Morgan Chase – fraud
  • GoldmanSachs – bloodsucking vampire

Once chosen as No 1 on the hit list, there will be a global attempt to hand down the corporate death sentence, to destroy the corporation.

If we can take out one, we can take out them all.