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Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and sixty-two

September 1, 2020

For six months a diversion, instead of ten minutes into Lincoln thirty minutes, whilst a roundabout under construction.

Today, an hour late into town, no bus stop, temporary bus stop vanished. What did this mean, back to normal or yobs stolen the bus stop?

Thee was no information on the bus last week, nothing from drivers to say normal service resumed.

A lady pulled up, to say no bus, now back to previous route, road opened.

To previous bus stop, both sides of the road notice at bus stop to say bus stop not in use. No timetable.

Would it not have made sense to have left temporary bus stop in place for at least a week, notice to say normal service resumed? Or, whoever removed temporary bus stop, notices on other bus stops?

A bus passed by leaving Lincoln, therefore can expect bus into Lincoln to pass by anytime soon.

At Lincoln Central Bus Station, no timetables, not a single timetable. New timetable came into play Sunday. Information office not open. Information office never open.

Buy two glasses for coffee from Lakeland. Not a shop I would recommend. Promotion for loyalty card (to enable tracking). Does it give discount? You will get vouchers in the post. Fat lot of use. Contrast with Hotel Chocolat, apply for VIP card in store, kicks in immediately.

Faffle at the till. Lady has a card that does not work. Tries contactless. Card not contactless. Tries again, tries again with keying in pin. No success. Why does she not use cash? Tries again. Works. Has a basket full of goods, then someone else has basket full of goods on same card.

I am about to walk out, when staff member opens a second till. I am given vouchers. Not valid until October, have to spend over thirty or fifty pounds. This is Lakeland taking the piss.

In High Street too many people.

Walk and Ride. First time I have caught and busy.

Bailgate, as expected, restaurants empty, back to as was in July, Eat Out to Help Out finished.

Haddock and chips at Elite on the Bail. Not busy. Staff tell me Eat Out to Help Out was not good, customers rude, insufficient staff, then quiet the rest of the week.

Many of the chains are offering for September or part thereof half price meals. They are still displaying Eat Out to Help Out. This is misleading. If half price, were they previously ripping off customers, or if running at a loss, to put indie restaurants out of business?

A pleasantly warm afternoon. Walk around to Stokes at The Lawn, but too late, to catch the sun on the terrace.

Mike too busy to try a coffee. I have a cappuccino.

As I am leaving, he wishes to try Ethiopia Arsosala WS, an Ethiopian coffee I had picked up from Cartwheel Coffee. I would have suggested V60, Mike says no, an espresso. He is impressed the bag lists brew ratio for espresso and filter, which gives a good starting point. Something more coffee roasteries should list.

We try espresso, or at least Mike tries espresso, for me he adds hot water a sort of Americano, though I would have preferred to try espresso. We are both impressed. Very fruity.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty

July 21, 2020

Half a dozen passengers on double-decker bus into town. Driver failed to open door or turn off engine whilst waiting at bus st=ops.

Busker blasting out the High Street causing a blood nuisance.

As always excellent haddock and chips at Elite on the Bail. Now open on Tuesday.

The Lion and Snake attracts drunken yobs, fights in the street, lack of bio-security, barrier obstructing footpath, negative impact on neighbouring businesses. Action by dysfunctional Lincoln City Council, especially since last week granted additional powers. Er, do nothing, tell impacted local businesses to deal with the problem themselves.

Tourist Information Office now open.

Back down in the city centre, busker still causing noise nuisance in the High Street, no action by dysfunctional Lincoln City Council.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma. I am the only customer.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day ninety six

June 27, 2020

The last few days very hot.

Today heavy rain showers, very warm.

Three passengers on the bus.

Too many people in town, worse so far.

Queuing outside Primark, no social distancing.

Why is Primark allowed to obstruct the High Street whereas Stokes on High Bridge and Coffee Aroma around the corner are not allowed to place tables in the street?

Half way up Steep Hill it starts to rain.

Appalling behaviour members of Bailgate Guild bad-mouthing owner of Bailgate Deli for having the audacity to highlight on BBC Look North, dysfunctional Lincoln City Council, encourage visitors to the city but fail to open public toilets and refuse to open until 6 July. Maybe they think visitors will not notice the lack of toilets, for example Canadian visitors who vowed to never visit Lincoln again or the five different people who asked a pub could they use the toilets, or the people complaining, or the previous weekend a pregnant young lady pleading with a tea shop to use their toilets.

Maybe they are the same members of Bailgate Guild who oppose the pedestrianisation of Bailgate long overdue, which would enable indie coffee shops and tea shops and restaurants to spread their tables in the street.

Misto new coffee shop not open. Second visit this week to find not open. People will visit once, twice, maybe three times, then not bother again. I later spoke with a lady living nearby. She said rarely open, maybe a couple of times a week. How not to run a businesses.

Pizza from Prince of Wales. Good, but not suitable for eating in the street. Too messy. Neither their burger, good but even less suitable for eating in the street.

Tried Stokes at the Lawn. Closed at three.

Cannot walk back through the Lincoln Castle due to the crass stupidity of their one way system. Could drive a coach and horses through the gates.

Little choice, queue at Coffee by the Arch. And sadly their coffee no better than when I tried early spring.

On the way up Steep Hill I noticed Imperial Teas had a new bean-to-bar chocolate. I inquired on the way down. I learnt two new chocolates

Good deed of the day, arrange for green beans to be shipped from a family farm in Cameroon to Imperial Tea.

Three passengers on the return bus.

VE Day 75 coronavirus lockdown we must move forward

May 8, 2020

VE Day, UK was broke, Europe was broke. Had useless prat George Osborne been Chancellor, we would have had austerity for 75 years. Instead we invested, rebuilt UK, rebuilt Europe.

Following the euphoria and celebrations of VE Day, VJ Day was yet to come, a more low key event, life was tough, rationing did not end until 1954. And we should not forget the role played by the Commonwealth. Nevertheless what followed, creation of the Welfare State, NHS, free secondary schools, school leaving age raised to 15, nationalisation of key industries, coal, steel, railways.
The desire was to create a fainer more just society.

During WWII we knew who the enemy was, we had weapons to fight. With covid-19, we know who the enemy is, but the enemy is invisible, a silent killer, we have no weapons with which to fight.

Post-Pandemic we are heading for the worst collapse since the South Sea Bubble burst.

We therefore do the same, we rebuild, not by going backwards. After VE Day, we did not go back to the 1930s, we moved forward.

We therefore must do the same. We do not bailout out dirty industries, we do not bail out tax dodging conman like Richard Branson.

We bail out people, local indie businesses, not global corporations, we fund a Green New Deal.

Strategic sectors we bail out through acquisition of a controlling share. Minimum conditions: no use of offshore tax havens, zero carbon by 2035.

Denmark, Hungary, France and Canada will not bailout tax dodgers.

There can be no return to normal as normal was not normal.

We hear birdsong, our streets are traffic free, cities centres pollution free. We have learnt we do not have to engage in pointless consumerism, visit ghastly shopping malls.

As we slowly relax lockdown, indie coffee shops first, we allow them to spread out into the street, improve the ambience of the street, the norm in Athens, they then can social distance, safeguarding staff and customers.

But it needs worthless council jobsworths to engage their brains, act on behalf of local businesses, the local community. When a coffee shop in Lincoln asked of their local county council they were met with an emphatic no. That is how much they care about the local environment and helping local businesses back on their feet.

We need to develop Doughnut Economics for every city, every sector. Amsterdam working with Kate Raworth has developed Doughnut Economics Amsterdam. A rough draft has been drawn up for Cyprus, Doughnut Economics Cyprus, focusing on the tourist sector.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day nine

April 1, 2020

Bus into town early. Rescheduled, arrives five minutes earlier. New bus, single-decker, stops frequently to keep in time with timetable. Driver fails to turn off engine. Actually even worse, new bus, automatically turns off engine when bus stops, driver turns on, then bus sits with engine running. Dumb passengers, clueless on social distancing, I have to move three times. Less frequent bus service, only once an hour, more passengers and single-decker bus.

Bus station deserted of buses let alone people.

Sincil Street deserted.

Only Pepperdine’s open. Curtis has closed, Central Market closed.

A few people in the High Street.

Common sense breaks out at M&S, front doors open. But only two tills manned. More people in the store than previous visits, failure to man tills, longer in the store.

Bus from bus station, same bus, different driver, only two passengers.

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