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England new coronavirus restrictions

November 28, 2021

Emergence of a new covid-19 mutation in South African, UK has announced new restrictions.

Too little, and why the delay? Requirement to wear masks, will only come into force on Tuesday, and why only public transport and shops, though a small step in the right direction?

New measures include:

  • From Tuesday, face coverings will once again be compulsory in shops and on public transport
  • All contacts of suspected Omicron cases will be required to self-isolate for 10 days. This is regardless of a person’s vaccination status
  • Anyone entering the UK will require a PCR test by the end of the second day after their arrival and will need to self-isolate until they have a negative result. The change will be brought in “as soon as possible” following agreement with the other UK nations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) – the UK’s vaccine advisory body – will consider giving the booster vaccine “to as wide as group as possible”. It will also reduce the gap between the second dose and booster

Measures on mask wearing should never have been relaxed. Why does it not apply to hospitality, to places where people gather such as theatres?

Utter garbage from Hospitality UK, that mask wearing on public transport will hit public confidence. It is passengers not wearing masks that dents public confidence, that makes people reluctant to use public transport.

We need to be careful not to lump all hospitality together, a coffee shop or restaurant does not pose the same risk as a binge drinking bar or nightclub.

What we do know about Omicron, a new covid-19 mutation, is that it is highly transmissible, has large number of mutations, may not be recognised by antigens, which renders vaccines less effective. All the more reason to bring in measures to slow the spread. We saw how fast Delta spread when the government was slow to act.

  • place all countries in Africa on the Red list
  • random testing of all arrivals into the UK
  • mask wearing indoors and on public transport
  • work from home if possible
  • close nightclubs and binge drinking bars
  • social distancing
  • certificate double vaccinated to enter bars, coffee shops, theatres

The vaccine certificate would be scanned with a QR scanner to permit entry, green tick to enter, red cross not permitted, but if not permitted would advise what to do, for example vaccinated or a negative lateral flow test valid for 48 hours.

In Athens, require vaccine certificate double vaccinated which is scanned to enter bar, coffee shop, restaurant, theatre, shops. Failure to comply 500 euros fine, establishment 5000 euro fine and closed. To enter a building or travel on public transport mask wearing mandatory, 100% compliance.

Two flights from South Africa to Schiphol, sixty-one passengers tested positive for covid-19, of these thirteen were found to be infected with Omicron. Why was UK not acting as Schiphol, isolating and testing every passenger on flights from South Africa?

It should be a requirement, as is already the case for many countries, negative PCR test result within 48 hours prior to travel, in addition to negative PCR test and self isolation once in the UK.

UK has blocked relaxation of patents on coronavirus vaccines. UK is sitting on stocks of vaccines that it is unlikely to use. These stocks, within a month of expiry, should be shipped to poorer countries to help with their vaccination programmes.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty-five

May 19, 2021

A fleeting late afternoon visit into Lincoln.

Heavy rain had stopped, I decided to make the most of a break in the rain with a late afternoon trip into Lincoln.

Bus station busy, busiest have seen, but the town empty.

I looked in Hotel Chocolat, they now sell coffee, I said I would pop back.

My reason for a visit, Madame Waffle opened today. I was surprised to find no coffee from Square Mile, they are now roasting their own.

It was then back to Hotel Chocolat. An e-mail a couple of days ago, they are roasting their own coffee, available as bags of coffee beans and as aluminium coffee capsules, plus a gadget to extract spent coffee grounds. Somewhat disingenuous to claim unique to Hotel Chocolat as Dualit extractor gadget on sale in Lakeland and on Amazon. The information on their website on coffee freshness incorrect.

As a VIP customer, with a five pound voucher to spend, I bought three packs of coffee capsules and the extractor tool.

Looking in M&S Food Hall I was pleasantry surprised to find yogurt in glass jars, especially as M&S together with Waitrose one of the worst offenders for overpackaging and obscene use of plastic. I tapped the jar, yes it was glass.  I raised with one of the girls. She said no, not new, but agreed a step in the right direction.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and eighteen

May 12, 2021

Pleasant afternoon in Lincoln, it did not rain.

Bus was almost empty, only two passengers.

Not acceptable, a public space only recently created off Sincil Street hijacked by the Botanist, a corporate chain.

Passing by Stokes on High Bridge, opening next week, Grand Opening on Tuesday

I hopped on the Walk and Ride bus to save time walking up Steep Hill. A larger bus. Why, when rarely any passengers?

Bailgate Deli revamped inside. I learn from the girl serving, Mindful Chef has a bad reputation. She did not know owned by Nestle.

I had fish n chips sat in the little square at Bailgate. Square deserted. Elite on the Bail open next week their restaurant.

I had looked in the greengrocer, but as no queue for fish n chips, I say I will pop back later. I pop back later to find closed.

Double check in Redhill Farm shop, yes there will be a famers market on Caste Hlll on Saturday, the third Saturday of the month.

I learn the little Post Office in Bailgate had changed hands. I thought maybe it has as the man I usually see no longer there. Those who have taken it over, useless.

TGI Friday, has either opened or about to open. Another crap corporate chain for Lincoln.

More or less opposite, another binge drinking bar to open.

A coffee outside Coffee Aroma. Unlike last week, I was not frozen.

Service in M&S Food Hall, the usual piss poor service, no tills open. This is the third visit no tills open. The first time, I complained to a suit, to be told it was my fault for not doing his job and finding a member of staff to open a till. Second time I found a member of staff to open a till. Today, no staff to be seen. A lady beckoned me over the the automated tills. I refused to use, a lady behind me also refused to use.

At the weekend, all Debenhams stores will close. Many already have closed. How long before failing M&S goes the same way as Debenhams?

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and seventeen

May 5, 2021

Last couple of days cold, heavy rain.

Today, cold, heavy rain later.

Cold sat outside Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty

March 25, 2021

A lovely warm sunny spring day, though in the shade, in the wind, cool.

Lincoln Central Bus Station deserted.

Back way up Steep Hill.

I look in Bookstop Cafe. Cafe was closed on Tuesday. Thanked for directing a delivery on Tuesday to Imperial Teas. I ask why do not have some of the items from Imperial Teas on sale. Good idea. Do not know. But hopefully will be open within a couple of weeks.

Shop selling Lincolnshire produce not open. Last time I passed by said open Thursday Friday and Saturday,

Look in Lincoln Eco Pantry. I recommend from where to obtain pasta. Also suggest jute bags from Stokes at the Lawn, make into tote bags.

I learn from Redhill Farm Shop that a farmers market did not take place last weekend. This is the third month no farmers market.

Fish n chips from Elite on the Bail.

Excellent cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Surprised to find specialty coffee on sale in M&S. Though they have started selling single origin chocolate. Out of curiosity I pick up a bag, Rwanda Sholi.

I have missed the bus, I take my time, have a wander around.

Peanut butter. Bulked out with sunflower oil and palm oil. Coconut milk, additives. That from Riverford coconut milk, nothing else.

No till manned, not a single till manned. A lady beckons me over to the self-service and check through the shopping.

I raise with a suit. I am told I am at fault for not getting a member of staff to man the tills. Easy to see why M&S a failing retailer service an alien concept.

— to be continued —

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy-four

March 19, 2021

Damp wet drizzly morning, cool.

Main display at Lincoln Central Bus Station still not working.

XZro waste tsall in Lincoln Cdentral Markedt now back to normal openeing hours. One raeson tey were closing early, apart from lack of customers, lack of heating in thne market too cold.

Have in stock coffee from Kingswoda Lincolnshire raostery no one has heard of, including me. Many many poblesm with thsi coffee: beans shopied loose in plasatic tubds to b escooped out and baggrd idaeal for oxidisng the ebnas, shipped in rasnapremt palstic bags, sunlih will danage the banasm the bafs haet selaed and cannot be reasled once opened, the ben as overstasted.

I take a sampkel of 100g. Beans are brewed as V60. Undrinakable. I pur down the drain. A targedy, what coudl hbave been excelelnt beans dsiyoted by lack of knowldge of roasting.

Cappuccino a Coffee Aroma.

At bus stations, tow gangs of kids hanging around, one gan smoking. Comaplete lack of socaol dtsancing.

— to be continued —-

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy-one

March 16, 2021

A cool damp start in the morning, afternoon turned lovely and warm and sunny.

I have lost track, how many weeks the main display at Lincoln Central Bus Station not working. It displays train times but not bus times.

I looked in Curtis, no ready meals. Girl asks what I am looking for Ready meals. She says she has frozen. This is new.

No sign in the street to say zero waste shop open. I cannot be bothered to see if open. I cannot see it remaining, not if can not be certain to find open.

Back way up Steep Hill. Sunny, warm, I look up and see black sky, very black. I am going to climb to the top and get soaked. Luckily not, it does not rain.

Shop selling Lincolnshire produce open. Lady tells me, not open today, popped in to do a few jobs but will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Another chat in Lincoln Eco Pantry. Sounds counter-intuitive, I suggest capsules for a Nespresso machine, but high quality from Colonna or Kiss the Hippo, aluminium or compostable, and recommend an Opal One, not a Nespresso machine, and need spring water or filtered water.

From Redhill Farm Shop, cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil. I learn from Eco Pantry, they can refill the bottles, with the same rapeseed oil. .

A long chat with visitor from Newark. He is looking at the menu in the window of a Thai restaurant. I tell him not open, there is another Thai restaurant around the back, but it is not open either. I suggest another day, when open, he try an excellent Thai restaurant in Nottingham, Paste. Also for coffee, Cartwheel Coffee, Outpost Coffee (though has changed its name), The Speciality Coffee Shop. In Lincoln, eat at Elite on the Bail (fish n chips), for coffee Madame Waffle and Coffee Aroma.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

Passing by Madame Waffle, a notice in the window, they will be opening 17 May, which is excellent news, even though two months hence. Two locations from which to obtain coffee, Madame Waffle and Coffee Aroma, though still two months away.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day sixty-one

March 6, 2021

A dull cold grey day.

Not a day for hanging around. A quick shop.

Minced pork from butcher, a red chilli from the market, to make meat balls with added miso paste.

Two women serving in the butcher on the market neither wearing face masks.

Zero waste stall not busy. I cannot see how any businesses can survive lack of customers.

A shallow bowl, cf flowers floating in, but no, a cup for serving coffee, coffee brewed with a Japanese syphon, served this way in Bali. Not something I have encountered before. Why? I asked in Coffee Aroma, but not come across.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Cyprus welcomes British tourists

March 5, 2021

From 1 May 2021, Cyprus welcomes back British tourists.

Sounds too good to be true? Unfortunately yes, it is too good to be true, Cyprus tourist industry once again massive fail.

British tourists cannot travel, cannot travel on 1 May 2021, to do so would be to break the law with a fine of £10,000 and ten years in prison, quarantine on return to the UK (in Scotland mandatory hotel quarantine), plus three coronavirus tests.

Once again massive fail Cyprus tourist industry.

We welcome British tourists from 1 May if have had two coronavirus vaccinations.

It would be illegal for anyone to travel from UK to Cyprus from 1 May 2021, face ten years in prison, £10,000 fine, on return would have to go into quarantine. Government has repeatedly warned not to book overseas holidays for the summer. From Monday, anyone leaving the UK will have to complete a form stating their reasons for leaving. Failure to complete the form, £200 fine.

Once again lost opportunity over the winter necessary structural changes to tourism industry:

  • ban all-inclusive hotels
  • restrict tour companies to less than 20% of bookings
  • no tour operator more than 10%
  • tour companies settle bill at end of each month
  • encourage long term stay
  • encourage direct bookings

The focus should be on fewer tourists, quality tourists, who stay longer.

The tour companies have a stranglehold, rip off travellers and hotels, bring in the dregs of the tourist industry, all-inclusive hotels killing local economies.

If thinking of visiting Cyprus, leave to last minute, contact hotel and negotiate a good deal for long stay. Make booking very provisional. If forced to cancel, have the courtesy to let the hotel know.

Do not book through a tour company, they are selling holidays that do not exist, then problem obtaining refund. Do not accept worthless vouchers. Tui has massive debts. Airlines have to refund within 7 days, package holidays within 14 days.

In Cyprus, required to wear mask everywhere, all the time. 300 euro fine if in breach of coronavirus regulations.

Check with hotel coronavirus precautions. Some are very good, others are very poor. For example sunbeds packed too close together.

The situation is very volatile. Last year, a mad panic by the few remaining British tourists, when Cyprus placed on quarantine list, profiteering by airlines.

You may have been vaccinated, two doses of vaccine not one, should still take precautions, social distance, wear a mask, avoid crowded noisy bars, if eat out, sit outside. There is now a rise in cases in England due to failure to follow coronavirus rules.

In the UK, over 21 million have revived their first coronavirus vaccine, 40% of the adult population.

Only a tiny percentage of Cypriots have received first vaccine. Are they to guarantee, only those vaccinated will be employed in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels? Bars should not be open.

Premature, inviting tourists into a country when locals will not have been vaccinated. Puts locals and tourists at risk.

There should be no tourists until the end of season. Random screening of arrivals, temperature scanning of all arrivals.

Cyprus is currently in lockdown. Any relaxation should be slowly slowly, with pause and monitoring at each stage, with local lockdowns if necessary.

Last year, Limassol saw a sharp rise in cases, night time curfew imposed, and yet it was permitted to travel from Limassol to other parts of the island.

The EU has been slow to roll out vaccination programmes, lagging a long way behind UK.

UK has lax border controls, enabling Brazil and South African mutations to enter the UK. Restrictions on travel into the UK from Portugal are circumvented by crossing the border into Spain and traveling to the UK via Spain.

Spain, Greece and Cyprus are in a race to the bottom to attract tourists. No lessons learnt from last year. By summer, we will again see a surge in coronavirus cases.…/tour-company-tui-heading-for……/doughnut-economics-cyprus…

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day fifty-four

February 28, 2021

Saturday like Friday, starts off with a chill to the air, clear blue sky, sun warm.

It is becoming like August of last year, too many people out, behaving as though coronavirus does not exist. No surprise that across the country covid-19 cases beginning to rise. Lincoln is now above the national average for new coronavirus cases.

Sincil Street busy.

From butcher, chicken thighs wrapped in streaky bacon, as favour to me, a regular.

Look in 200 Degrees, curious, coffee from India, I am told it is good. Maybe try one day. Anything is better than their cheap house blend.

Two lots of prawns from fishmonger, including raw king prawns for prawn toast toastie for tea.

No customers zero waste store in Central Market as I pass by. What I am learning, people are visiting Lincoln Eco Pantry in Bailgate, a wider ranger of stock. There may though be another reason. Lincoln Eco Pantry built up a following long before they opened. They were due or at least rumoured to open at two different premises before Bailgate, but for whatever reason, did not happen. In the meantime, the stall in the market stole a march on them.

Chat with barista Angel Coffee House. He tells me Ozone was the best of the coffee they had tried. Begs the question what had they tried? He does not know. I suggest they try Cartwheel Coffee and Outpost Coffee. If I pass by again, I will suggest try espresso blend from DT Coffee Roastery. I also suggested Coffee Gems.

I raise reusable cups, they should not be accepting as a disease vector. I am told what I was told before, we fill a jug, then fill the reusable cup. Before I was also told, we trust our customers.

Whilst we are chatting, a man hands over a reusable cup to be filled, barista takes away, fills with coffee, then hands back.

I question then man. I’m ok, I have been vaccinated. Actually no, you have had the first dose, you are at risk and put others at risk.

I am now encountering ignorance of vaccines, I’ve been vaccinated, therefore I am OK. No, you have had one dose. .

A woman on a bus a couple of weeks ago. I have bene vaccinated, I am OK. Coffee Aroma had a customer walk in claiming they did not have to wear a mask, been vaccinated.

When people go to be vaccinated, they need to be given clear information, that they are still at risk, are a risk to others, must still carry on with coronavirus biosecurity.

I think try Vines early. No bread left people were queuing from nine in the morning.

Again many people around Steep Hill and Bailgate, though not as many as last weekend, but still very busy.

No farmers market, cancelled. Why, no idea. It seems they are cancelled on a whim.

Sourdough bread from Redhill fam shop. Not what I wished for, but all they have.

Lincoln Eco Pantry looks busy, I do not pop in.

Haddock and chips from Elite on the Bail. Pleaant sat in the sun.

Take a walk round to Stokes at the Lawn. As I suspected, closes at three. I arrive just after three. They offer to serve me, I say ok and decline the offer, I was checking if open.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

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