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Afternoon in Farnham

November 29, 2014

Delay setting off, three network in meltdown, no internet.

Three buses pass by, passenger even tells bus driver as she alights from bus, passenger, but still ignorant driver drives off.

Bus driver to Farnham appears to be in some zombie state, gives every impression of being drugged out of his brain, fails to pick passengers up at bus stops, fails to stop when requested to stop.





The world and his idiot appear to be out today. In busy centre of Farnham, black Porsche parked on double yellow lines, on footpath, in front of traffic lights. Driver, who was sat there, then gets out, narrowly missing pedestrian with car door, then goes into a shop.

15% off party food in Cook. But not off mince pies, apparently people do not eat mince pies at parties. Frozen or unfrozen mince pies? Why freeze mince pies? Cook has a perverse view freeze everything, as that is what we do. Mince pies is about the only thing worth buying from Cook. Expensive, but excellent. Something to sample. It was disgusting.

Looked in Loaf, sorry, tea room closed. Lots of bread left, which they throw away.

Vivaldi Singers, local amateur choir, rehearsing in Farnham Parish Church for a concert in the evening. Taverner, Vivaldi, Palestrina. What I heard did not sound like either Palestrina or Vivaldi, very dark, therefore I assume Taverner. it is always worth saying which Taverner, as there are two, though both are John Taverner. I guessed the later Taverner.

Note: My guess proved to be correct, Svyati by John Taverna (1944-2013).

candle lit Farnham Parish Church

candle lit Farnham Parish Church

No candles. I looked around and found candles. Lit a candle, quite atmospheric, candle and Taverner.

Nightmare in Waitrose. Each visit service gets worse.

Return bus, zombie driver.

A lot of people in Farnham today

November 10, 2012

Bus to Aldershot failed to turn up, wait for next bus. But swings and roundabouts, less of a wait at Aldershot bus station for bus to Farnham which fortunately did turn up on time.

Last week I was in Farnham earlier, this week later.

Farnham was very busy, could hardly move for the sheer numbers of people on the streets. It was as though it was the last few days before Christmas.

Could not say the same for Aldershot, the streets were all but deserted. But then who in their right mind would wish to visit Aldershot, and the Westgate development has all but killed the town centre.

Cook was very very busy, could barely move. This must have been the e-mail they sent out offering a free tasting and 15% off. It implies a large e-mail following. All there was for tasting was mince pies. Very good, and as 15% off I bought some.

I looked in Waterstone’s. Did they have NeverSeconds. No, out next week, and no copies ordered for the shop.

Quick shop in Waitrose.

I looked in The Barn. I did not stay. The temperature had been dropping all afternoon and so I decided to head off home. I dropped off a couple of Paulo Coelho books to the girl behind the bar. As she had mentioned Dracula last week, I mentioned Nosferatu, a 1922 silent film, possible the first film of Dracula. She said she had seen it in an underground cinema in Venice, one of her favourite films.

Cold waiting for the bus, but luckily on time.

Afternoon in Farnham

August 22, 2012
St Andrew's

St Andrew’s

I did think of going to Alton or Winchester.

Winchester was too far and Alton the lovely Italian coffee shop was closed Farnham therefore it was.

I had any way to go to Farnham if I wished to visit The Barn, as it was clsoed from Saturday onwards until sometime in September.

I seem though destined to arrive in Farnham late afternoon.

Traffic! Traffic was awful. Usually I would visit Farmham on a Saturday. To get to the town from the station it is necessary to cross the bypass. On a Saturday, half a dozen cars. It was choc-a-bloc with cars, cars were also backed right up into the town. The pollution level was dreadful, barely able to breath. The town was no better,

Farnham has a lovely family greengrocer in Downing Street. I picked up Victoria plums, Discovery apples and locally grown tomatoes.

Also in Downing Street is Cook. They do delicious cheese cakes, expensive but worth it as a treat.

Cook had Coronation chicken to sample. I am no fan of Coronation chicken, but I had to admit this was delicious and ended up buying.

Farnham has one Costa coffee shop, one too many. Fairly empty, probably because Farnham has decent places for tea and coffee.

Costa runs the Costa Foundation. From the answers I got to my questions, it seems to be an exercise in greenwwash. Customers make the donations, leaving Costa to claim the credit.

It was then to The Barn for a very late lunch of falafel in pita bread with a Greek salad.

Coming up from Downing Street, The barn is opposite, slightly to the right. Midway between The Lion and Lamb Yard and Castle Street.

The Barn is a cultural space, kitchen, bar, music, art exhibitions. Unlike Costa which pretends to be a cultural and social space, The Barn is a genuine cultural and social space. And unlike Costa which rips you off a fiver for disgusting coffee and factory produced cakes, a fiver bough me delicious falafel in pita bread with salad at The Barn.

I stayed until early evening chatting to people over a can of Red Stripe. The topic of conversation apart from the unwanted redevelopment of East Street which is being imposed on Farnham by a corrupt local council, the topic of conversion was Costa and the way it is muscling its way into towns like Totnes.

Costa do not seem to realise the bad odour they they are generating across the country from their activities in Totnes.

Ironically there was sign in Costa saying they are listening!

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