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More hypocrisy from LibDems

December 31, 2010

Please try not to throw up when you watch this video featuring a New Year message from the loathsome Nick Clegg.

On of the first few words to pour forth from the mouth of the loathsome Nick Clegg is power,and that is what it is all about, power and clinging on to power.

Clegg claims the credit for what the LibDems have not done, he claims things being done that are not being done. We have all noticed the clampdown on tax dodgers which is why Vodafone, Sir Philip Green, Boots and many others are laughing all the way to their banks in off-shore tax havens.

He claims hard choices. No, there were not hard choices. You were there to represent people who were lied to, who were conned into foolishly voting LibDems on a pack of lies and false promises.

The hard choices are faced by those on benefits who are faced with a choice of eating or heating.

The hard choices are faced by those now denied a chance to go to university because LibDems like Clegg voted for a threefold increase in university tuition fees and a scrapping of Education Maintenance Allowance for the poorest students.

It is not only Clegg. The Telegraph interviews with LibDem ministers showed they do not support or agree with the policies they are voting for but nevertheless vote for them to keep themselves in power.

We had Vincent Cable, the man who forced through the hike in student tuition fees bragging he could bring down the government if he walked out. The next day grovelling to remain in power, clinging on by his fingertips.

We have seen Simon Hughes, opposed to the hike in student tuition fees, but not having the guts to vote against, now appointed by the ConDem government to promote the very same policy he claimed he was against.

‘Scuse me, I think I need to be sick.

The good news is the LibDems will be wiped out at the next election

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