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Cold afternoon in Winchester

December 12, 2018

The day started off cold and misty. Mist went but it remained very cold.

Nightmare getting down to Winchester.

Train to Alton running late. I miss the bus at Alton. I then miss the next bus sitting itn the Alton Staion Cafe. I almost miss the following bus, stopping off at Alton Books,

I pass by Coffee Cherry, note it is empty. I cannot see it surviving.

Bus gets into Winchester late.

I finally arrives in Winchester at a quarter to four.

Too cold for street food, too late to eat anywhere, I have a pizza in the street.

Chat with cheesemonger, buy some cheese.

Head off down to Flat Whites. Too late for a coffee. I stay and chat in the warm whilst closing. Then someone calls in and has a V60. I too get a V60.

Guest coffee this month Assembly. They won coffee roasting campionship this year for UK. I have tried their excellent coffee before at Kiosk in York.

I head to City Square. They are closing earlier and earlier. I did not know they were closing at eight. It is now six. Though six is reasonable for winter. Hopefully they will stay open later in the summer when it is pleasant to sit outside.

They have a reusable coffee cup Polū I have never heard of. Sustainable bamboo, or claimed to be, clone of ecoffee cup. Maybe ecoffee cup under a different name, or maybe, as this is the second copy I have come across, the other in Robert Dyas, one manufacturer different branding.

I wander to the Christmas Market. No one about, apart from the ice skating rink.

I have a chat with the guy with Comte cheese. He offers me a slice for £3-00. Er, no. I will buy from King’s Cross.

Next shed fake Cheddar encased on wax. No thanks.

Christmas market packing up at 6030. I have time to catch 1850 bus. I arrive to see it leaving at 1845. I check timetable. Throughout the day, xx20 and xx50. Showing 1845, next bus 1930.

I decide to go for a walk along the river and around the back streets, back through now deserted Christmas market. Very dark.

I catch the bus. I ask driver when did timetable change? He says early in the year. I am baffled when he says bus should have left at 1920, and I was lucky to catch, only leaving late because a kid has wrong ticket.

I go and check timetable. I had been looking at wrong timetable, but the reason I thought correct, shows bus leaving at 1845. Thus bus left as I originally thought, five minutes early.

What has changed, where late bus used to leave hourly at xx50, now hourly at xx20.

Something going very wrong.

Old bus, double-decker no wifi, no usb charging ports. Usually late bus new single-decker with wifi and usb charging ports. I assume they use these new buses as more fuel efficient.

At Alton, not train until 2044.

I pop in Waitrose. Even by the low standards of Waitrose shocking the amount of rotting bananas on the shelves. And no excuses as someone had stuck pitiful reductions on the rotting bananas.

I raise with two members of staff. Greeted by total indifference.

The fresh produce only reduced by pence. Store about to close. Will then be thrown away.

When I alight from train, fifteen minutes wait for a bus.

I finally arrive home a little before ten.

Cold afternoon in Winchester

December 19, 2014

Once again a ruined afternoon trip to Winchester thanks to dysfunctional public transport.

I make the train to Alton with five minutes to spare. It is running two minutes late, miss bus from Alton as it is timed to leave at the same time as train arrives, so miss the bus, next bus fails to turn up, bus after that 5-10 minutes late. Over an hour wait in the freezing cold. Unable to see out of the bus as the windows are filthy. Bus is freezing cold, no heating. Arrive in Winchester well over an hour later than planned, now very cold.

Whilst waiting for the bus, I have a chat with the charming girl who works in the Station Cafe. I see Tuesday, they had a Christmas dinner. It was probably good, as their food is good. I give her a signed copy of Monsters as an early Christmas present. She is over the moon.

I was looking forward to a burger off New Forest Steak Burger stall. He has sold out and is packing up.

I am cold and hungry, chilled to the bone, so cold I am shivering with cold.

candle lit lunch by Jimmy Bean

candle lit lunch by Jimmy Bean

Candle lit lunch by Jimmy Bean, hotted up sausage roll, tomato and basil soup, followed by a cappuccino.

Jimmy Bean serves the soup in a recyclable, compostable paper cup with a lid. If he can do it, why not everyone? And not even from special suppliers, easily obtainable from catering suppliers. He said cup product of Compost Me.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral

High Street packed. Loads of people heading towards Winchester Cathedral.

Jimmy Beans says Christmas market well worth a visit.

I head that way.

Christmas market

Christmas market

He is right, large sheds, lots of variety, and mainly not tat. And an ice ring.

A festival atmosphere. A cross between carnival in Puerto de la Cruz and a street market.

A pop up cafe. I have a hot dog. It is not a hot dog so why call it a hot dog? It is a sausage in a roll with onions. The sausage is disgusting, the onions disgusting.

I just make six o’clock bus. Windows filthy, impossible to see out. As going down, a new bus. Or should I say a newer new bus, as they are new double-deckers on this route, not the clapped-out, fit-for-scrapyard double-deckers Stagecoach run elsewhere. The main difference, is two seats at the front replacing the luggage rack. Luggage rack now a tiny space behind the two seats. Totally inadequate for a fold up buggy, if space has to be vacated for a wheelchair. The other difference is the lighting. Far too bright.

I deicide to read This Changes Everything on Nexus 7, but not ideal, feel travel sick. I find there is wifi, only does not connect to anything. This is common on Stagecoach buses with wifi. Does not connect to anything. Nothing to say bus has wifi.

At Aldershot, no bus, twenty minutes wait in the cold for the next bus.

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