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Reclaim the Streets Lincoln revisited

July 13, 2020

Tables in the streets.

This is the norm everywhere in Europe.

Walk through the streets in Athens in the evening, the streets are the restaurants.

In North Laine in Brighton, the tables are in the streets.

Friday night in Soho, restaurants and coffee shops in the street.

Meanwhile in Lincoln, nada, such is the nature of this backward dysfunctional council, lacking in vision and imagination.

Only now is the council thinking about it. They have had weeks to prepare.

Soho has been in discussion with Westminster City Council for weeks. The result, Soho and Covent Garden, roads closed to traffic, tables in the streets.

Little indie coffee shops, tea shops, restaurants will not survive unless tables in the streets.

Locally, indie businesses have been pushing for this and hit a brick wall of council intransigence.

Finally there is a scheme, how long will will it take to apply and get permission, will it be granted before the end of summer? What is the procedure?

Saturday, I talked with a few indie businesses, they were not even aware of the scheme, Council had failed to inform them, let alone of the procedure.

I suggested apply. They were were reluctant to apply due to past intransigence of the council, saw it as waste of time and effort. I said go ahead, apply, let’s see what happens.

I have been pushing for this for weeks, reclaim the streets, close streets, pedestrianise, tables in the streets, No Smoking. Win win for everyone. Revitalises the local economy, helps local businesses, improves the city centre ambience.

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