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Mind the Cup

December 2, 2019

A rainy day, head to Mind the Cup in Peristeri on the Metro.

As a few days ago, once in Mind the Cup it pours, though not as heavy as the week before when the streets awash with water.

I am in luck, I find who I am looking for before she finishes her shift. She greets me as soon as I walk in and thanks me for the coffee I dropped off for her.

She makes me a cappuccino. I would have picked up a bag of coffee, she is the coffee roaster, but do not like to carry coffee when it is raining.

After a wander down the street, I had to Manor House diagonally opposite Mind the Cup.

Just Made 33

December 1, 2019

I had looked in Just Made 33 on my way to Exarchia Square.

I was pleased to find open and had a brief chat with the owner.

I had passed by several times and not found open. Closed as I suspected, digging up the street outside, Sunday a respite.

On my return from Exarchia Square I managed to find Just Made 33, but owner not there.

Staff have always been pleasant and friendly, service good. Not today. Miserable to the point of being rude, service poor, a not very pleasant atmosphere.

I watched the barista. Not a clue on pouring a V60, though no problem with my cappuccino.

Late afternoon, even before sun has set turning cold.

Tailor House

December 1, 2019

On my way to Exarchia Square I passed the church of Agia Eirini on Agias Eirinis Square, the square in which Tailor Made was located now sadly Tailor House.

Taylor Made no more, lost roasters, baristas, where once served excellent coffee, now known for bad coffee. Neverthless always busy.

I looked inside and was shocked to see had been gutted and destroyed.

Tailor Made was a pioneering coffee shop and mirco-roastery, one of the first ultra-trendy coffee shops serving specialty coffee.

When it opened over a decade ago in Aghias Irinis Square facing the church, it was located in what was then a derelict square. The sqquare it now very lively thanks to Tailor Made.

It is depressing to see a once great coffee shop destroyed.

The Underdog

November 30, 2019

After visting The Acropolis and Areopagus I walked to The Underdog, had a cappuccino.

I now notice Nespresso capsules with Brazilian coffee, 20 euros for 18 capsules.

Kudu Coffee Roasters

November 29, 2019

Last day of October, up late, no sun, misty.

A day of hunderstorms and heavy rain.

A day for the Metro.

After a trip out to Peristeri to visit Mind the Cup, it was back to Syntagma then back out to Ethniki Amyna on the Blue Line to find Kudu Coffee Roasters.

Neo Psychiko not a pleasant area, at least not walking along busy polluted roads, but Kudu excellent coffee shop, excellent coffee.

But tea pigs tea, no way.

I tried the cold brew from a cold drip tower. Eight to ten hours to brew. It was excellent.

During the summer, selling 8 litres a day of cold brew, during the winter one litre.

Information on their boxes of coffee bad advice, consume within two years.

Six month old coffee is old coffee.

Only show roast date and advise best used within one month of roast date to enjoy the coffee at its best.

I loved what was on the counter, offer a coin, face and hand appears out of a box and takes the coin.

Alight at Ethniki Amyna on the Blue Line and take the exit for Ministry of Defence. Ten to fifteen minutes walk, not a pleasant route.

Mind the Cup

November 29, 2019

Last day of October, up late, no sun, misty.

A day of hunderstorms and heavy rain.

A day for the Metro.

To Peristeri, last but one stop on Red Line to visit Mind the Cup.

Unfortunately who I wished to see not there. My fault, had I left earlier I would have caught her.

It then chucked it down. Streets awash with water.

Excellent cappuccino.

It was then to Syntagma and back out on the Blue Line to Ethniki Amyna to find Kudu Coffee Roasters.

Mind the Cup named by Buzzfeed as one of 25 coffee shops must visit in the world.

Foyer espresso bar

November 28, 2019

After Philos and Graffito on to Foyer espresso bar. It has now turned cold.

Look in sister shop next door, bought nuts and dried figs.

Excellent coffee in Foyer espresso bar.

Foyer espresso bar has guest coffees. I recommended for them a few roasteries I was familiar with.

It has tuned cold. I take the Metro to Acropoli.

Cappuccino at Taresso

November 28, 2019

After vile tasting coffee at Nespresso flagship store in Kolonaki, a relief excellent coffee in Taresso.

At Taresso an excellent cappuccino.

Dropped off guest coffee.

I had wished to visit Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies then Mokka, but no time.

As nearby, I decide to visit coffee shop in Graffito. I learnt it closed at least two years ago.

Cappuccino at Craft Coffee

November 28, 2019

When passing through or by King’s Cross Station it is always worth having an extra half an hour to spare to visit the excellent food market located outside the front of the station., then wander down the side of the station to find Craft Coffee.

Craft Coffee, a little stall, serves some of the best coffee in London.

Today Guatemalan roasted by Notes.

Occasionally bags of the coffee served, but not today.

Best coffee I have had since Athens.

Yogurt and cappuccino at Little Tree

November 27, 2019

Wednesday four weeks ago, end of October, I was intending to climb Hill of the Muses, last warm day before the weather changes.

Last warm day end of October before the weather changes to cooler weather. I got as far as Little Tree, and no further.

AirBnB causing major problems in Athens and other major cities. In Athens dirty Turkish, Russian and Chinese money buying apartment blocks, local residents forced out creating ghettos.

Graffiti most apt.

Synchronicity: Passing by the derelict mansion behind the Acropolis Museum a lady stopped and spoke to me, asked was I interested in buying as she had similar properties for sale. I learnt such properties were protected, could not be demolished, expensive to buy and would cost as much again to renovate. She was on her way to an appointment, could not stop and chat.

I regret I did not ask how much to buy?

Derelict mansion featured in Walking in Athens, a collection of essays by Nikos Vatopoulos, in an essay A forgotten staircase beside The Acropolis.

Yogurt and cappuccino at Little Tree bohemian bookshop cum coffee shop located behind Acropolis Museum.

I made a mistake ordering a freddo cappuccino not a cappuccino. Waiter brought me a freddo cappuccino before I could correct my mistake. I said a mistake, he took away freddo cappuccino, brought a cappuccino, billed me for both.

A chat with a young lady who had a white e-scooter, her own not a rented e-scooter. She agreed the dumping of e-scooters everywhere is a menace.

I mentioned Mallorca was now taking action on e-scooters. We agreed long overdue Athens did the same.

Then a very long chat with a young guy, H G Wells, democracy, AirBnB, Greek financial crisis.

By then it was dark and turning cool.