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Coffee Lab closed

November 8, 2018

I to my great disappointment find Coffee Lab has closed.

I am shocked and appalled that Coffee Lab has closed. It opened a little over two years ago. It was a lovely little coffee shop that set a high standard. Next year Coffee Lab Academy, then this summer The Square, plus a number of coffee shops in other towns.

Closure of the original Coffee Lab is indicative of everything that is going wrong with Coffee Lab. Vulture Capitalists have been brought in to expand the chain, Vulture Capitalists motivated by one thing and one thing only, greed. They have managed to alienate staff alienate the customers.

Coffee Lab has grown rapidly and just as rapidly gone down hill. Coffee Lab closing at three, and now closed. The Square, dirty tables, poor service, poor quality coffee, kids who do not have a clue. Coffee Lab Academy closing on the dot, tables and chairs stacked around remaining customers. No atmosphere in ether.

The covering of the window at Coffee Lab is an eyesore, what it says insulting, shows the Vulture Capitalists have no understanding or do not care.

What is wanted is a coffee shop, not a coffee chain.

How is the cash flow? Cash is king. Without cash a businesses is finished. If focus is on growing a chain, then only one way it can go. If no cash, have to rely on ever more investors, not a good sign. And those investors wil try to screw blood out of a stone.

Coffee Lab looks like it is very rapidly becoming a case bsuinesses study on how not to. Excellent example ore giben in Business for Punks.

Little Coffee Lab, why close? It could have continued, owned by basrtas and customers as an open coop. Were thes eoptions explosred.

Coffee Lab is not the only coffee shop that has clsoed.

And just when it cannot get worst, landlord of the little wholefood shop has been bought out by the greediest of the Vulture Capitalists, a fool who is a style-styled entrepreneur, putting at risk this lovely little shop when the lease runs out.

— to be continued —

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