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Coffee Diem

June 20, 2019

Last year Caracoli collapsed.

No surprise, a chain of half a dozen coffee shops serving at best mediocre coffee. What was it, a deli, a coffee shop, they did not know what they were.

One of these coffee shops cum deli was in Lion and Lamb Walk in Farnham.

Caracoli in Lion and Lamb Walk has reopened as Coffee Diem.

Today I tried a cappuccino.

When the coffee is Cupsmith, expectations are low. And yes, expectations were not exceeded, it was not a pleasant coffee, what came across was that it was cheap crap coffee.

First I had to reject a cappuccino served with chocolate. Why does no one know how to make a cappuccino? It is not made with chocolate, though when the coffee is Cupsmith then maybe understandable to hide that it is cheap crap coffee.

My flapjack bore little resemblance to a flapjack. Maybe it wasn’t a flapjack.

Whilst it is commendable to buy local, it is false economy when it means sacrificing quality.

Nor is there any excuse these days when spoilt for choice for coffee.

Locally there is Chimney Fire Coffee in the Surrey Hills, The Roasting Party in Winchester several coffee raosteries to choose from in Brighton and Sussex.

Gail’s bakery, with useless baristas are able to make a better coffee with Union coffee.

Coffee Diem is more a greasy spoon cafe serving coffee than a coffee shop.

The location is good, outside seating, passing trade. The surprise is that Krema did not snap it up, either as a second coffee shop in Farnham or to relocate from Downing Street.

Once again I am baffled by the logic of opening a coffee shop in a saturated market with no experience or understanding of coffee. Not unless employ a highly skilled head barista.

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