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Coffee cupping Foyer espresso bar

May 14, 2019

Coffee cupping with coffee beans from roasteries across Europe.

I suggested a few coffee roasteries they may wish to try.

  • Pharmacie
  • Cartwheel
  • Outpost Coffee
  • Coffee at 33
  • Caravan
  • Origin

Hasbean coffee cupping Coffee Aroma

March 4, 2019

Afternoon coffee cupping at Coffee Aroma with James Andrews of Hasbean.

Coffee cupping is to coffee what wine tasting is to wine.

Freshly ground coffee, hot boiling water, leave four minutes, remove the crust, sample each cup with a cupping spoon and a slurp, cleaning the spoon in water between cups.

A wide range of countries, different processing of the coffee beans, Brazil, Costa Rica, Yemen, Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is a country not often seen, Yemen very rare.

Coffee migrated from Ethiopia to Yemen, then spread across Arab countries, into Europe and then across the world.

Coffee was a valuable crop to Yemen, mansions on the waterfront built on coffee, smuggling out of coffee plants on the pain of death.

In recent years coffee terraces in Yemen have given over to a more profitable crop, a narcotic, the evil sister of coffee.

For more on Yemen read The Devil’s Cup and The Monk of Mokha.

A minor criticism of the coffee cupping, the participants should have sensed the aroma of the ground beans and each participant granted the opportunity to remove the surface crust and experience the aroma that erupts when the crust is removed.

Hasbean has recently been acquired by Ozone. The two operate as separate companies with a holding company. It has enabled more resources for Hasbean to work with estates when buying green beans.

Most of the coffees cupped are available at Coffee Aroma.

The coffee estates Stephen Leighton works with are featured in Coffeeography, on sale in Coffee Aroma.

Coffee cupping on St Joseph’s Day

March 19, 2018

For the last few years together with friends from across the world we have celebrated St Joseph’s Day at a party hosted by Paulo Coelho and his wife Christina.

This year celebrated St Joseph’s Day with an evening of coffee cupping at Coffee Aroma.

Last week, an afternoon of conversation and book signing with Stephen Leighton, author of Coffeeography. He left behind samples of coffee beans from the producers featured in Coffeeography.  As I write, wonderful aroma from the coffee samples.

Coffee cupping is to coffee what wine tasting is to wine.

What better way the celebrate the hard work of the producers than a coffee cupping on St Joseph’s Day, St Joseph the patron saint of workers.

The beans were ground, placed in a cupping bowl, hot water poured on, left for four minutes.

A group of half a dozen people, roughly half staff, half  customers took it in turn to sample the coffees.

Four coffees, two sessions.

Blind tasting. The origin to be revealed later.

I would have changed how this was carried out.

Grind the coffee, each sample the aroma of the ground beans, pour in the hot water, wait four minutes, one person for each cup, remove the crust, sample the aroma that erupts when the crust removed, then with a sampling spoon, sample each coffee.

Whilst noticing a difference, I did not notice a big difference. I noticed a far bigger difference cupping beans from Los Nogales Project, twelve different samples from the same estate.

Curious. I offer an explanation.

When Stephen Leighton chooses the beans he has in mind what he is looking for, which will select beans of similar profile.

Real Fresh Coffee has a section on coffee cupping, Standart issue 6 a useful guide.

Standart is on sale in Madame Waffle or from Has Bean.

Coffee cupping is a sensory experience, sight, smell, taste.

Where the Wild Coffee Grows has a wonderful description of coffee drinking in Ethiopia as a sensory experience that engages all the senses.