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Coco Mat wooden bicycle phone charger

March 19, 2023

A few years ago, I used to see Coco Mat wooden bicycles around Athens, even copies of. Not anymore, other than at Coco Mat Hotel and The Place.

Tuesday afternoon, a third location, Athens International Airport for phone charging.

But if for publicity, the wrong location, boarding gates for leaving the country.

The Place

March 8, 2023

Several years ago I used to see wooden bicycles around Athens. Even copies of. But not for the last couple of years.

The wooden bicycles were made of bamboo. Made by Coco Mat. They make beds, own a hotel at Acropoli, and The Place.

The Place is a coffeeshop cum cocktail bar located in a rough area of Athens.

I had looked in last year on my way to Wisecup but no time to stop.

Today, following a visit to Wisecup, I decided to drop in.

As walk in, gets bigger and bigger.

I ordered a cappuccino. It was disgusting. Cheap crap catering supply coffee.

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