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Farnham Parish Church Fete

September 10, 2016
Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Most church summer fetes are held in the summer. For whatever reason. Farnham Parish Church choose  to hold theirs in the middle of September.

Today was sadly a washout. The only stall outside was the sausage stall. But why call excellent sausages from the butcher in Downing Street hot dogs?

The other stalls were inside. It gave the church the appearance of what a  medieval church must have looked like, a market place.

Too late for soup at Barista  Lounge. I am sure if the girl serving had troubled to ask the kitchen, there probably was soup.

A new shop in Downing Street. Farnham Wholefoods or maybe it was Farnham Organic. Had the butcher not pointed them out, I would not have noticed. Nothing to say they were opening, or who they were. Still no shop sign. I looked in. There seemed to be more staff than stock. It had all the appearance of a  shop in the last days of a  closing down sale with the stock run down. Sadly I cannot see them lasting long. It is a pity they did not take over the greengrocer before it closed. It hardly enhances their reputation, stood outside smoking.  I would suggest a visit to the excellent Grocer and Grain in Brighton to see how it is done

Cappuccino and cookie in Caracoli. Cappuccino far better than what I had in Caracoli Guildford. But, Caracoli has an awful corporate feel, completely lacking in character. I am pleased to see they sell their bread off at half price towards the end of the day. Or at least buy one get one free. Half price would be better. Then after the shop had closed, some women came and took what was left. Who they were I do not know. A soup kitchen maybe? Better than Loaf, who fail to reduce, then throw their bread away.

The only attraction of Caracoli Farnham is a highly skilled barista who knows a lot about coffee. But he departs soon for pastures new the other side of the world.

Tax-dodging Starbucks packed. Do locals in Farnham have no social conscience or taste for coffee?

Farnham Parish Church Fete

September 12, 2015
Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Along the River Wey, up through Gostrey Meadow into Downing Street, then into the churchyard.

As I walked in, a teddy bear on a parachute came floating down from the church tower. The only one I saw.

There did not seem to be many people or that many stalls.

The usual rubbish, though may have been better had I arrived earlier.

The book stall had a few good books. I picked up a copy of The Shack.

No food left at the barbecue. On a previous occasion, lots left.

Inside the church quiche and salad. Followed by cream tea. Though I was baffled why the jam and cream in little plastic pots. Appalling waste of money and bad for the environment.

I am no great fan of FairTrade, but shocked to see the coffee Nescafe.

Why does the church not invite the tea van I see in Gostrey Meadow (though not he last few weeks) and share the proceeds or charge a reasonable pitch fee? Similar with the ice cream, invite Dylan’s ice Cream.

rare Bible

rare Bible

The church has a very rare Bible, rarely seen. Today was one of those rare occasions.

Known as the Vinegar Bible, due to a misprint. The Parable of the Vineyard in the Gospel of Luke has become The Parable of the Vinegar.

I then realised four o’clock, I would be lucky to catch the butcher. Luckily I did. Sadly he has not ordered copies of Flatpack Democracy. Asked would I? I agreed yes.

I popped in the piano shop in Downing Street and let the lady know about the programme on BBC Radio 4 on Steinway (broadcast Thursday evening rebroadcast Sunday evening).

A walk around Bishop’s Meadow, into the field with the horses, then back via Manor Field.

A patch fenced off. No notice explaining why. It is vital Bishop’s Meadow Trust keep people informed, as that is how you continue with public support.

Waitrose fortunately not too busy.

¡Rastro! En la Iglesia Inglés

March 7, 2015
¡Rastro! En la Iglesia Inglés

¡Rastro! En la Iglesia Inglés

¡Rastro! En la Iglesia Inglés en Parque Taoro en Puerto de la Cruz.

I have never seen an English church féte with so many stalls, so many people. All the more amazing when earlier in the day I had been at the market at Mercado Publico, where again there were many stalls, many people.

Un euro entrado.

More junk, but at least slightly better than at Rastro en el Mercado earlier in the day.

Long chat with John Reid Young, author of The Skpping Verger and Other Tales. I suggested he publishes an e-book on leanpub. I left with a signed copy of The Skpping Verger and Other Tales. I learnt from the author John Reid Young a little of the history of Risco Bello. The house was built by his uncle in 1936, then on his death, bought by two Belgian ladies.

The Skpping Verger and Other Tales would be an excellent book for Agora to sell, as they sell books of local interest.

I felt sorry for one stall holder, tucked behind the Rectory and hidden from view, only found on a trip to the toilets. Then to make matters worse, a woman decided to pack up her stall early, pulled her car to block the view of his stall and another stall. The very least he should get a refund and offer of free pitch next market.

They are overbooked for stalls, with a waiting list. Why therefore allow cars to park, which could be pitches?

12 euros for a pitch, one euro entance, over a thousand visitors, food, tea and coffee, drinks for sale. 2,500 euros per market.

If overbooked for stalls, why not hold twice a month, first and third Saturday?

And why hold same time as El Rastro en Mercado?

Tea stall finishes far too early.

Stalls should not be allowed to pack up early.

And why no church open?

Apparently church not open to allow the treasurer to count the money.

Images of Jesus kicking over the tables of the money lenders for despoiling his Father´s house spring to mind.

They appear to somehow have lost the plot. A church should be open. The treasurer could count the money in the Rectory.

Walk through Parque Taoro to Risco Bello for afternoon tea.

The old casino is still sitting derelict.

Farnham Parish Church Fete

September 13, 2014
Farnham Parish Church Fête

Farnham Parish Church Fête

A surreal atmosphere, stalls scattered amidst the graves and tombstones and teddy bears parachuting off the church tower.

The stalls were as I expected, junk.

I had a couple of sausages off the barbecue, though why call them hot dogs, these were quality sausages off the local butcher in Downing Street.

A pint of real ale off the beer stall, though half would have been ok.

I then wandered into the church where cream teas were on offer.

But first, I had a look at a very old Bible I had never seen before.

Known as the Vinegar Bible, due to a misprint. The Parable of the Vineyard in the Gospel of Luke has become The Parable of the Vinegar.

An extremely rude woman wanted to know why I was taking photos.

I could have told her to mind her own business, but instead told her I was not using flash (thus not damaging the extremely rare Bible).

The point seemed to be lost on her.

I then asked why she was asking and who was she?

She said she did not like being interrogated and stormed off. In truth I think, when it became apparent I knew how to handle old documents.

I asked the lady who was guardian of the Bible, who was the rude woman? She said she did not know, and had been rude to this lady too. She said she was nothing to do with the church.

At first I assumed, maybe the Bible was on loan from the local museum, possibly a curator, but apparently not.

The Bible had at some point in the past, been split into two volumes.

One volume was in quite poor condition.

Sadly, it is stored in a damp old box. By no means ideal.

I wandered back to the cream teas, to find it was four o’clock, and everything packed away.

It is crazy, a lovely warm sunny afternoon, plenty of folk around, and yet on the dot of four o’clock, everything gets packed away. Many were packing up not long gone three o’clock.

I had a chat with the Music Director. He liked the idea of Jewelia giving an informal concert.

I then realised, I had to go to Downing Street to the local butcher. I feared I would find closed, but luckily not.

As it was a lovely afternoon, I then went for a long walk around the 23-acre Bishop’s Meadow.

Garden Party at Old Vicarage

September 14, 2013
old Bentley

old Bentley

tea party

tea party

sunken garden

sunken garden

garden pond

garden pond

Louella And The Red Horizon

Louella And The Red Horizon

I was in Farnham for the Church fête, mid-September a strange time to hold a summer fête.

Information was wrong, not four o’clock, but 3-30. Buy the time I got there, nothing there.

Same thing happened last year, a lovely day, and they packed up.

Not a lovely day today, they were lucky it did not rain.

But, I did find Jenny hard at work in the kitchen. I was pleased I found her, as I had left two books for her and never knew if she found them. Yes, she had and thanked me.

I was going to go for a walk in Bishop’s Meadow, instead went to a garden party in the lovely garden of the Old Vicarage, which ironically was being used to raise money for Bishop’s Meadow.

Lots of stalls, lovely Indian food, and an amazing collection of cups, saucers and teapots that would have done justice to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Beyond a ditch crossed by a bridge, a wild garden, with a pond, a huge bonfire ready to set light to, and beyond that the River Wey.

I raised getting Village Green status for Bishop’s Meadow. Apparently this has been looked into, the family that sold the land has placed a restrictive covenant. I suggested talk to Richard Buxton, maybe it can be overturned or circumnavigated.

The value of ancient meadow land is the lack of use of chemicals. Safe herbicide is an oxymoron. Herbicide has been used to clear ragwort and brambles. Close to the River Wey and the meadow is a flood meadow. The meadow was mown this summer, willows have been pollarded, future plans are put cattle to graze on the meadow.

The Indian food served was real Indian food, prepared by an Indian family, not what is found in Indian restaurants. I suggested Curries from Home contacted Godalming Town Council to run a stall at Staycation Live music festival next year. There is no excuse for the rubbish food they had this year.

Excellent music from Louella and the Red Horizon, Eden Blacklist and RedDog.

I suggested soundcloud for tracks and work in progress, bandcamp for albums. All three would be great for Staycation Live next year.

After it turned dark, the huge bonfire was lit. I assumed it was for bonfire night, but I was told no.

I looked in on The Barn.

Bus to Aldershot, then another bus. When I alighted, I could not believe how cold it was.

Afternoon in Farnham

September 15, 2012
St Andrew's

St Andrew’s

A lovely warm sunny day.

The morning a couple of hours working in the garden.

Afternoon a trip to Farnham to a church fête. I arrived to find it was all over. Even had I set off earlier, I would still only have caught the tail end. It finished at three!

It is ludicrous, a lot of effort put into organising a church fête and it finishes at three. It was a lovely day, they could easily have gone on until five.

Talking to a man who was equally appalled at the cross stupidity of it closing at three, he said they had loads of food left over that all went to waste.

Had it been a cold day, pouring with rain, I could understand closing at three, but otherwise no.

Talking to one of the volunteers, he said they had had enough as it started at eleven. Why not start midday, go on until five and have people working in shifts?

A pity I missed it. Last year they had teddy bears parachuting off the church tower, sausages, beer, tea and cakes, bookstalls, plus loads of rubbish.

Having not had lunch, and expecting to find something to eat, I was now very hungry.

All in all a wasted journey, as it was a lovely day and I would have preferred to have sat in my garden with a book.

I passed a coffee bar in Downing Street, I retraced my steps, to find it closed at five. I had a long chat with the owner until almost six, explained to her the Costa Coffee (dis)Loyalty Card.

It was a strange coffee bar. No coffee machine or counter, where one would expect a counter, jewellery and one wall lined with books. Mainly cheap thrillers, nothing worth reading. I suggested she added Paulo Coelho to her collection, The Alchemist, Veronika Decides to Die, The Pilgrimage, Eleven Minutes, Aleph, with a brief synopsis of each book. I also suggested she listened to or downloaded The Way of the Bow audio book as it was free.

Now the greengrocer and everything else was closed.

I made my way to The Barn, at least I would find something to eat. No luck, all the food for the day was gone.

There was nothing for it, a trip to Waitrose, then catch the bus to Aldershot.

I would usually catch the train, but it arrives at Aldershot two minutes after the bus leaves, with half an hour wait for the next bus. With the bus, only ten minutes wait. I began to wonder was it a wise choice, when no bus had appeared, then it arrived.

Farnham has a Food Festival sometime later this month. Sponsored by Waitrose would appear to defeat the objective of a local food festival, if it is to celebrate local produce.

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