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Farnham Parish Church Fete

September 10, 2016
Farnham Parish Church Fete

Farnham Parish Church Fete

Most church summer fetes are held in the summer. For whatever reason. Farnham Parish Church choose  to hold theirs in the middle of September.

Today was sadly a washout. The only stall outside was the sausage stall. But why call excellent sausages from the butcher in Downing Street hot dogs?

The other stalls were inside. It gave the church the appearance of what a  medieval church must have looked like, a market place.

Too late for soup at Barista  Lounge. I am sure if the girl serving had troubled to ask the kitchen, there probably was soup.

A new shop in Downing Street. Farnham Wholefoods or maybe it was Farnham Organic. Had the butcher not pointed them out, I would not have noticed. Nothing to say they were opening, or who they were. Still no shop sign. I looked in. There seemed to be more staff than stock. It had all the appearance of a  shop in the last days of a  closing down sale with the stock run down. Sadly I cannot see them lasting long. It is a pity they did not take over the greengrocer before it closed. It hardly enhances their reputation, stood outside smoking.  I would suggest a visit to the excellent Grocer and Grain in Brighton to see how it is done

Cappuccino and cookie in Caracoli. Cappuccino far better than what I had in Caracoli Guildford. But, Caracoli has an awful corporate feel, completely lacking in character. I am pleased to see they sell their bread off at half price towards the end of the day. Or at least buy one get one free. Half price would be better. Then after the shop had closed, some women came and took what was left. Who they were I do not know. A soup kitchen maybe? Better than Loaf, who fail to reduce, then throw their bread away.

The only attraction of Caracoli Farnham is a highly skilled barista who knows a lot about coffee. But he departs soon for pastures new the other side of the world.

Tax-dodging Starbucks packed. Do locals in Farnham have no social conscience or taste for coffee?

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