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Charlie Hebdo survivors edition

January 14, 2015
Charlie Hebdo Je Suis Charlie

Charlie Hebdo Je Suis Charlie

Today Charlie Hebdo hit the streets. The first edition since the massacre at their offices.

A print run of six million, normal print run of 60,000.

Kiosks were sold out in minutes, people 20 deep at kiosks, sold out before sunrise.

As with the millions who took to the streets in Paris on Sunday, a clear message to Muslim extremits, we will not be intimidated.

Well done the little shop in Scunthorpe, that has copies of Charlie Hebdo on sale.

Contrast with the cowardice of Sky News, refused to show the front cover of Charlie Hebdo.

Muslims who have problem with depiction of the Prophet need to re-set their calender to 2015. Or follow the advice of the Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam, son of an imam in northern Morocco.

If we value our freedoms, then the world has to stand in solidarity against Muslim extremism.

We must draw a line between Islam the religion and Islam as a Fascist ideology.

Islam as a Fascist ideology is as much a threat to the world today as the Nazis were in the 1930s.

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