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cerveza en Magic Corner

February 20, 2016
Dorada Especial Roja

Dorada Especial Roja

Dorada Especial Roja en Magic Corner.

Magic Corner, formerly Maggies, illustrates all what is wrong with bars in Puerto de la Cruz and why they are empty and why the local tourist industry is collapsing.

Noisy, no decent beer on tap.  I was the only one there last night, and the night before.

The only reason I was there, free wifi and very heavy rain.

It has closed, re-opened, closed, re-opened.

La Atlantico Beer Shop

March 19, 2015
La Atlantico Beer Shop

La Atlantico Beer Shop

It is usual to see a wine shop, racks of wine. Far less usual to see similar selling bottles of beer.

Each bottle has a tied on label giving information on the beer.

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