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Ceramicus 2014 at Allen Gallery

September 6, 2014
Ceramicus 2014

Ceramicus 2014

I would not expect to find Allen Gallery open in the evening.

A private showing of Ceramicus 2014.

I asked could I look in.

Very interesting ceramics. Vastly superior to what is usually seen at craft markets, which tends to be overpriced tat.

The only time I have seen ceramics of this quality was in Athens.

I thought, excellent location for Jewelia to play.

Allen Gallery has the most impressive collection of ceramics outside the V&A. Out the back, a lovely walled garden.

Ceramicus is a group of ceramic artists based in the Surrey and Hampshire area.

Ceramicus 2104 is on all this month and well worth a visit.

Art by Jill and Holly Maguire at The Bridge Patisserie

September 12, 2012
Jill and Holly Maguire at The Bridge Patisserie

Jill and Holly Maguire at The Bridge Patisserie

Excellent art exhibition by Jill and Holly Maguire at The Bridge Patisserie in Winchester.

The one aspect I did not like was covered in glass, which makes viewing difficult if not impossible due to reflection from the lights and from the street outside.

The artwork by Jill Maguire was painted ceramics and glass, although this was not immediately obvious.

Jill Maguire and and Holly Maguire are mother and daughter.

Jill Maguire (mother of Holly) is a ceramics artist who works out of the Colour Factory Collective in Winchester.

Holly Maguire (daughter of Jill) is a Bristol-based illustrator.

The Bridge Patisserie is a lovely little coffee shop in Winchester, just over the old bridge, more or less opposite the Old City Mill.

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