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Cena en el bar Magic Corner

November 26, 2016


Maybe dinner sometime after midnight not such a good idea.

Not good, chips hard and dried, sirloin steak so so.

A pity as Magic Corner used to do a good steak.

To drink, Dorado Espcial.

Very noisy.

Not pleasant ambience.

Typical unpleasant local bar.

Cena en El Maná

November 23, 2016

Excelente cena en  El Maná restaurante vegetariano en Puerto de la Cruz.

As always excellent dinner in El Maná.

Following excellent flamenco at Teatro Timanfaya, late dinner at El Maná.

Was I too late, they close at 10-30 and I arrived not long before 10-30?

I would have been happy witha bowl of soup. It was ok, and no there was no soup.

Excellent tagalette with stir fried vegetables and chopped tomatoes.

To drink, real ale from a local brewery.

For sweet tiramisú.

And a cappuccino.

Never had before tiramisú of this quality.

A restaurant is not where would expect excellent cappuccino. El Maná that rare exception.

Also a rare exception, the only place in Puerto de la Cruz where can obtain a decent cappuccino.

They need though to replace their coffee cups.

El Maná es restaurante vegetariano en Puerto de la Cruz.

cena de San Valentín

February 15, 2016




muchos postres diferentes

muchos postres diferentes

A glass of champagne for breakfast, three glasses for dinner, two with a  cherry.

Excellent St Valentine dinner.

Later, a quiet drink at Agora.

Cena en Meson Los Gemelos

March 9, 2015
cena en Los Gemelos

cena en Meson Los Gemelos

Excellent Sunday night dinner at Los Gemelos in Puerto de la Cruz, following a concert at Abaco.

  • Salma a la parrilla, a grilled fish
  • Entrecot a la Canaria, a Canarian dish that was steak

The salad was not good. It should have been vegetables, or a much better salad.

With the fish, boiled potatoes in a basket, chips with the steak. Chips not good, would have been better to have been offered the choice of boiled potatoes.

Beber vino rojo de casa y cerveza.

Meson Los Gemelos is in the old part of Puerto de la Cruz.

We ate in the garden.

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