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Celebrate Aldershot

July 29, 2015
Celebrate Aldershot

Celebrate Aldershot

Is this an idea of a sick joke from the Council?

Celebrate what? Come to Aldershot, see the four market stalls, the boarded-up shops, the tacky fast food outlets, the gambling joints, the charity shops, binge drinking bars, drunken yobs on the streets at night.

We did last year have lovely trees, but they have been cut down.

With M&S confirming they are closing, this is the council taking the piss.

£4.5 million for new paving slabs, and cosmetic changes, and they cannot even get that right.

Wider pavements along Grosvenor Road, no shops and no one walks along.

Entrance to Grosvenor Road nigh impossible for buses and lorries to navigate.

No pedestrian crossing across Grosvenor Road connecting Upper Union Street to Union Street.

A lorry bay has finally been constructed at the back of 99p Stores, to enable delivery by trolley and handcart to the shops. Only one problem. It is the width of a car not a lorry.

Finally Notices have been posted for a Traffic Order for the pedestrianised streets to be made vehicle free. Only it is for an experiment, not permanent.

A cause for celebration, would be the imbecile leader of the council apologising for destroying Aldershot and resigning.

As a local business said yesterday: We lose money, see our businesses destroyed, and they continue to draw their wages.

Heads should roll over the destruction of Aldershot.

There also has to be fundamental changes in the way the council functions. Party apparatchiks who are of no use to man nor beast, elected on a party ticket. You could count on one hand the councillors who are of any use, the rest are a complete waste of space.

We have to look to Frome in Somerset and have a Flatpack Democracy Revolution. Local people meet, choose who their candidates will be, elect them to council. In Frome, a clean sweep of the council. The council now functions differently, councillors work with local people not against, people participate in council meetings.


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