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Defender – Protester

September 15, 2012

I revel in my ability

To talk to anybody

Thinking I’d got lucky

Train caught, minute to spare,

Girls vacate the table chair

I sit and see, they did well

Opposite a guy from the EDL

With T-shirt, badges, can of K

On his way to MK

It’s half an hour to that stop

He helps me undo the knot

In the plastic of my lunch

I gulp the water, calm the burn

If I’d missed this train

I’ld have missed my turn,

Trains take every cause

Talk begins as it often does

Where in Scotland are you from

Are you Catholic or Protestant?

Comes slightly quicker

Than the average inquirer

Atheist is my religion

Catholic or Protestant atheism?

Everyone should have equality

EDL man agrees with me

He tells me proudly

He’s read and burnt the Koran.

Down in London at US Embassy

I’d heard about the killing

In reaction to an anti-Islam film

He says it like Life of Brian

Why is it ok to poke fun at the Christian?

But Monty Python were Oxbridge lads

This film was not made by Mohammads

But a Koran burning preacher

Make fun of your own culture

But not that of another

Freedom of speech is essential

But doing it with respect is fundamental

He cuts metal, for Formula one

He’s an ex football hooligan

He likes the buzz, the clam

Fighting the policeman

I know protesters who like the same

The cause, the lock on

The crowd, the direct action

The clash, the baton

The we’re right, you’re wrong

What made him join?

The daughter of his mate

Was a victim of rape

By a group of Muslims

There was no prosecutions

Then why not fight for rape convictions

Rapists aren’t just Muslims

They’re fathers, brothers, lovers,

The gang of Asian groomers,

Are the few and far betweeners.

He says he’s a feminist

And Islam disrespects women

He’s got a mate called Abdul

Another one called Singh

And now he wants my number

Yeah he’s a toker

And wants to hang in my squat

Sorry, not with that top

I wear my African print

He wears a fuck Islam badge

We’re both versed in the Haji

He’s got a Burka in his bag,

Now he’s moving to Birmingham

I’m thinking, God love them

We’re all on the tain to see out tribe

I’ve a gig in Bangor,

My next table companions

Are headed to races in Chester

We all want to get together

— Catherine Brogan

Poem about the EDL man Catherine Brogan met on the train. Video recorded in empty train on Crewe change over.

It is not the EDL man Catherine met on the train that breed intolerance (as no one takes them seriously), cause religious strife and hatred. It is Islamist extremists spewing hate.

When the Danish cartoons were published, there was no reaction, they were even published in an Egyptian newspaper. The hatred was stirred up many months later by Islamist extremists.

We are seeing exactly the same today with a video published on youtube, a reaction stirred up many months later.

In Pakistan, a girl who may or may not have burnt pages of the Koran, facing charges of blasphemy, at risk of being killed by mobs.

In the Middle East, Christians being slaughtered simply for being Christian.

Were the fundamentalists to read the Koran (assuming they can read), they would find they are acting contrary to the Koran.

We are one Clit! Free Pussy Riot!

August 18, 2012
Pussy Riot in court

Pussy Riot in court

Too long cunts have been kept quiet

The world unites to say it

Come lets free our Pussy Riot

Chainsaw the crucifixes

Remember what they did to witches

Boys branding us as bitches

Keep us kettled in kitchens

Feed us fraudulent fictions

I weep when my sisters are whipped

We feel the force, we’ve flipped

We know every lady is legit

Lets start a Pussy Riot

Cause they fear our pussy power

Now cometh the hour

When we won’t wear their powder

But don balaclava cover

Cause we are one clit

Lets start a Pussy Riot

They can’t cut off our speakers

Cause we have no leaders

We’re all worthy, we’re all one

We put a megaphone in your gun

We want liberation from Putin

And every version of him

We’ve got our flag, we’ll fly it

Until we free our Pussy Riot

— Catherine Brogan

Posted by Catherine Brogan on her blog.


December 30, 2011


i buy therefore i am
is the corporate pslam
our democracy – consumerism
we’re caught in a prism
of shiny colours, sparkle
so we can all marvel
at kate middleton’s shoes
pretending we choose
but it leaves you empty
this pursuit of plently
life is more, than more crap
can we all get behind that?
go home and watch telly
have a beer, get lonely
buy something on ebay
thats how u have your say
lets change the set up
from the bottom up
stop messing on the phone
dont be a corporate clone
take control of industry
so its run with empathy
cause its all one globe
so fire up your stove
come pitch ur tent
state ur intent
to change the current system
which stops the world from eating
lets stand in solidarity
strive for equality
there’s an oppertunity
to stop the super rich
dont dig your own ditch
die on your feet or live on ur knees
theres more than 80′s cheese
there’s love and hugs
throw the crutch of drugs
and walk into a freedom
thats of ur own making

— Catherine Brogan

Top story Occupy Global and Local LSE (Saturday 31 December 2011).

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