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Afternoon in Guildford

August 21, 2015
Town Hall and clock

Town Hall and clock

cappuccino at FCB Artisan Coffee kiosk

cappuccino at FCB Artisan Coffee kiosk

A hot sunny afternoon in Guildford.

About an hour later than I would usually arrive, then tempted by a cappuccino at FCB Artisan Coffee kiosk, the place in Guildford for a coffee. I lingered about an hour chatting to Shaun.

coffee notes for guest coffee

coffee notes for guest coffee

The kiosk has guest coffees, with details of the coffee.  How often changed, I do not know. A real coffee connoisseurs coffee kiosk

Dean Dyson

Dean Dyson

Dean Dyson playing bottom of Guildford High Street. This guy is awesome. An absolute must for Staycation Live next year. A pity he was not playing this year, as better than most of the acts.

Santender bloody useless bank. Why so long to carry out three transactions? Maybe the guy was new. Queue behind me nearly out the door.

As I walked into Santander, a woman dropped a shoulder bag, at least I think she did. She crossed the road and drove off. I handed it in to Santander. If it was she who had dropped it, she would think to inquire. On the other hand, which I had not thought of at the time, if was someone else, passing by, then they will not recover it.

Waterstones, has a dumb system, click and collect, order on-line and collect in store. OK not dumb, you can collect and save having it delivered. But, what is dumb, it is cheaper, why not drop the price in the bookshops? All it means is that you see a book, do not buy it, hassle of going on-line, click and collect, then pay their internet price. Only I have yet to find the click and collect works. I say what I want, tried click and collect, and they give me the internet price.

I wanted Change Everything, only they did not have, and it took a long time to find as I did not know the author. For future reference Christian Felber. Or at least I may have wanted, if in stock, which it wasn’t.

Helpful young lady. She sought my advise on what to read. Always a good sign if you work in a bookshop. Listen to what the readers recommend, heed their advice.

I recommended PostCapitalism, but warned in parts heavy going. I added This Changes Everything, Revolution and Sacred Economics.

Tourist Information, but who I wished to see not there, to discuss an idea. Record various parts of Guildford as a guide, then release on bandcamp. If installed bandcamp app, could listen as wander around Guildford, would be possible to select track according to location. Download for free, though limited to 200 download per month (no limit to listening on-line), If free, but with option, pay-what-you wish, would enable more free downloads.

Now starving. Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage empty. I am handed a menu as I walk in, told gone four o’clock, al a carte menu, not lunchtime menu. I say no, I wish lunchtime menu. I walk out.

This is a good restaurant, but faces problem of all businesses. Owner builds up good reputation, staff when owner not there, destroy the reputation.

Everyone these days is struggling. No businesses these days can afford bad staff.

I decide to visit their takeaway, which they recently opened higher up the High Street, see what there is to eat, and ask then to tell the owner the problems.

Oxfam Bookshop, pick up a copy of Revolution. I now have several copies. Ideal presents.

I am in Thai takeaway. Very pleasant Thai girl. As we are chatting and I am deciding what wish to eat, owner walks in. I tell her what happened. I ask, would she have given me something off the lunchtime menu? Of course, no problem. She is embarrassed. She cannot apologise enough. I tell her it is not for her to apologise. It is her staff who are the problem. If she is there, no problem, when she is not there, service is appalling.

What will you have? Although I offer to pay, she insists no. I tried I think it was sweet and sour chicken. It was good, but I picked Thai green chicken curry. Rice went in a pot, then the green curry. I asked, cauliflower, broccoli, that went in too, a spring roll, that went in, by now overflowing. Plastic forks? Not good. I suggested wooden forks. I also suggested they stuck a poster on the now closed McDonald’s a couple of doors down, pointing to the Thai takeaway.

I was going to eat outside Holy Trinity, but Guildford has a stupid system whereby the High Street is open to traffic after four o’clock. I headed to the Castle Grounds.

What I had selected to eat was excellent. The vegetables added a little balance. The liquid seeped down into the rice, giving it extra flavour. The plastic fork not good. I expected it to snap in half. Luckily it did not.

Whilst warm weather, it will be the Thai takeaway for lunch.

Friends found me whilst I was reading PostCapitalism on Google Nexus 7. We had a long chat. I before they arrived, I had fancied a drink in the nearby Royal Oak. They were tired. I looked, now getting late, if headed off now, I could catch a train at seven o’clock.

Whilst eating, I realised I had left Revolution in the Thai takeaway. Too late now to collect. Hopefully will be there next time. They will know who it belongs too.

My reason for being in Guildford was the market. I never did make it.

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