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construcción de castillos en la arena

March 14, 2016
castillos en la arena

castillos en la arena

Day 2

Second day of the construction of a new castle in the sand at Playa Jardín.

nieve en los castillos en la arena

February 24, 2016
nieve en los castillos en la arena

nieve en los castillos en la arena

The castle sand sculpture, representing a small Medieval central European town, was destroyed on St Valentine´s Day. Slowly, slowly, a labour of love, it has been reconstructed.

Now the final touch, snow.

la reconstrucción de castillos en la arena

February 21, 2016


Day 7

Last weekend, the castles in the sand on the beach at Playa Jardín were found to be destroyed.

Today, marks Day 7 of their reconstruction.

I thought maybe with three days of heavy rain taking its toll, reconstruction would probably have to begin again, but no, most has been salvaged.

The reconstruction will be documented day by day.

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