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Cascais promenade

March 20, 2014


I was going to Sintra on the bus, but was given misleading information.

Catch the bus behind the station. All I could see was a busy main road, no bus stops. I went to the front of the station, where there were buses and asked. No, it was the back of the station, but beneath the ugly shoppng centre.

I went there via a very unpleasant underpass, only to find I had missed the bus.

There were no signs to the bus station, no sign to indicate a bus station.

I decided to walk along the promenade, which runs alongside the railway line, and catch the train back.

At the first station along the line, I saw I had time to catch the train, and maybe catch the bus to Sintra. But no ticket office, and no idea how to use the ticket machine.

I hopped on the train, only to find I could not get out at Cascais as I had no ticket.

I hopped on the next train, alighted at the first stop, and continued my walk.

A had hoped to find another station, but no such luck. I had to walk back to the first station on the line. I managed to work the machine and obtained a ticket.

A pleasant walk.

En route, various exercise machines which walkers are encouraged to use.

The promenade is popular with walkers, joggers and cyclists.

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