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Caroline Lucas in conversation with Owen Jones

August 5, 2015

Ed Miliband was a disaster as Labour Party leader. They should have ditched him at leat a year before the election.

Labour front bench also a disaster.

As Caroline Lucas says, and SNP are saying, complete failure of Labour to challenge Tory policies even worse, they endorse them.

Natalie Bennett a disaster as Green Party leader. Why has she not been ditched?

Weird, no mention of Jeremy Corbyn.

Was the camera man drunk?

Green Revolution? Beyond Brighton, It’ll Take One

April 30, 2015

Democracy is something for everyday, not twice a decade. — Russell Brand

Democracy is something people should do, at the moment most people have it done to them. — Natalie Bennett

After a revolution the Greens are the sort of people you’d want running things, not a narcissistic lunatic such as myself. — Russell Brand

Yesterday we had Ed Miliband in conversation with Russell Brand.

Today Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas are in conversation with Russell Brand.

To knock on the head a falsehood that gets endlessly repeated. Russell Brand has not said do not vote, he has questioned casting a vote to prop up a corrupt and failed political system. That is what politicians want you to do, cast your vote, then post-election day, do nothing, do not participate, let them continue ruining our lives.

What Russell Brand has proposed, is that we have a Revolution and overthrow the present corrupt political system, but if you have a chance to vote in a candidate of the calibre of Caroline Lucas who actually acts for the people then yes get out and vote.

Bankers and other elites have power because corrupt politicians gave it to them.

TTIP will make an even corrupt system even worse.

The Tories, having used austerity for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, cuts to benefits, want five more years to finish the job. Five more years of library closures, privatisation of NHS, longer hospital waiting times, cuts to welfare benefits, five more years for the rich to double their wealth yet again, as they have done over the last five years.

We must have more grass roots activism, that people are prepared to take direct action to force social change.

Listen to the great borefest that is General Election 2015. It is politicians telling us vote for them, and they will spend the next five years telling us what to do, and spending our money. It is not, we will work with you, listen to you, hand power to you.

If you live in Brighton, get out and vote for Caroline Lucas, get your friends out.

Over 9 million people follow Russell Brand on twitter, over a million subscribers to The Trews. How many live in the UK? Let us assume, that every one who does live in the UK, goes out and votes Plaid Cymru, SNP and the Green Party. Think what shock waves that would send through the system, the message to the political establishment? Don’t just think about it, go out and do it, then plan what real political action you are going to take.

Shame on the BBC, that for BBC Question Time they did not invite either the Green Party or UKIP to participate.

Balcombe – why the Government must listen to the people

August 5, 2013

Earlier today I was in Balcombe, where local people are resisting attempts by Cuadrilla to begin exploratory drilling ahead of possible fracking. It was inspiring to see a local community displaying such determination to oppose a technology which has the potential to harm their local environment for decades to come, as well as undermine efforts to tackle the climate crisis. Despite the slightly odd comments reportedly made by the Energy Minister, the people I met didn’t live behind “rectory walls”, and their concerns went beyond “flaring at the end of the drive”. Many of them were local residents who told me this was the first time they had taken part in a protest and had been moved to take direct action because they’d exhausted all other means of making themselves heard. Around 85% of local residents are opposed to fracking, with a range of understandable concerns – backed up by evidence – including possible groundwater contamination, well leaks and high volumes of water use.

Throughout the debate on shale gas extraction, ministers have claimed to listen to these concerns, but justified pro-fracking policies, partly on the basis that the use of shale gas might mean lower energy bills. Yet leading energy industry consultants say it’s unlikely that shale gas extracted in the UK will have material impact on prices between now and 2025. Likewise, Deutsche Bank, Chatham House, and OFGEM are all warning that UK shale gas won’t bring down prices. And the International Energy Agency has forecast that natural gas prices will rise by 40% by 2020, even with an influx of cheap shale gas.

Those who are resisting what is happening at Balcombe and elsewhere are sometimes asked whether they would prefer to see wind turbines being built. The comparison is flawed for many reasons. For a start, communities faced with applications for fracking haven’t been given the opportunity to consider whether they might prefer clean energy instead. The planning guidance explicitly states “Mineral planning authorities should not consider demand for, or consider alternatives to, oil and gas resources when determining planning applications.” Yet polling continues to indicate that there is much greater public support for incentivisation of renewable energy technologies than there is for fracking.

Caroline Lucas at Balcombe

Caroline Lucas at Balcombe

The Government should listen, not least because there is a bigger picture here, alongside the genuine and valid concerns of local communities. It has been estimated that between 60 and 80 per cent of existing fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground if we are to have any chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change. Some of the UK’s leading climate scientists have warned that the widespread use of shale gas is quite simply incompatible with the Government’s international commitments to keep global warming below two degrees.

Planning guidance which makes life easier for mineral extractors, and the prospect of tax breaks for fracking companies, mean the odds are being skewed outrageously against renewable energy.

The Government is being extraordinarily short-sighted, and not just because it might lose votes in its traditional heartlands.

— Caroline Lucas

Fracking is bad for the environment, pollutes groundwater, puts more carbon in the form of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere.

When our corrupt politicians fail to listen, we have no choice that to take direct action.

A pity we do not have more politicians like Caroline Lucas MP. Contrast Caroline Lucas with Gerald Howarth MP, who when his constituents turned to him for help, to help save The Tumbledown Dick, stitched up a deal behind their backs with McDonald’s to demolish The Tumbledown Dick and turn it into a Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

Caroline Lucas: Launch of the People’s Assembly

March 27, 2013

Caroline Lucas MP speaking at the launch of the People’s Assembly.

The People’s Assembly is a broad coalition formed to oppose the hated ConDem Government.

It is a real coalition, not a coalition of convenience where the despised LibDems will do anything to remain in power.

The ConDem Government delight in the deficit as it gives them the excuse for slash and burn of the public sector.

We live in a world where the rich have their taxes cut because they work harder, the poor have their benefits cut because it makes them work harder.

It was not the poor who caused the economic crisis it was the greedy bankers, compounded by the idiot we have as Chancellor.

If you are rich you will get State handouts to pay for the nanny for your spoilt brats. If you are a single mother on benefits trying the best you can to bring up your kids, the government will force you off benefits.

If you are sick, if you are at death’s door, the government will find you fit for work and cut your disability benefits.

Come April, the poor will see their benefits cut, they will be hit with a bedroom tax, they will be forced to pay Council tax.

Meanwhile the greedy bankers who caused the economic crisis award themselves multimillion pound bonuses.

Caroline Lucas at St Paul’s in-the-Camp

November 10, 2011

A talk given by Caroline Lucas at St Paul’s in-the-Camp.

What a pity there are not more Members of Parliament like Caroline Lucas who work tirelessly on our behalf, not see Westminster as an opportunity to get snout well and truly stuck in the trough and then a seat on the board for services rendered.

Caroline Lucas MP speaks at student fees protest

December 12, 2010

What a breath of fresh air is Caroline Lucas MP!

One could not sum up better why people are fighting the public spending cuts.

Were the government to force the tax avoiders to pay their tax there would be no need for any public spending cuts as there would be no Budget Deficit.

There is a Big Society. It is those who are taking to the streets to defeat the reactionary polices emerging almost every day from this ConDem government. It is those who are taking to the streets to demand accountability and fairness and transparency.

I am pleased to say I have known Caroline for ten years or more and it is an honour to be able to count her as a good friend.


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